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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Olympics

Australian Olympic Volleyballers Selling Tattoo Advertisements

Some people would do anything for a buck. When you’re an Olympic hopeful who spends most of the time practicing and trying to fulfill a lifelong dream, the bucks can be tough to come by.  Luckily there are people like Australian volleyball player Claire Kelly who know how to think outside the box. According to…Read More

Alicia Sacramone Is Hot

**Also see all the Hottest Olympians at Beijing** Apparently the Olympics are good for something, contrary to my previous beliefs. Generally I like to avoid gymnasts because their hormones are suppressed to slow their physical development, making them look like little kids (if they aren’t already little kids, that is). Much to my surprise (and…Read More

What Isn’t China Fixing in the Olympics?

This is just absurd. First they faked the skyline in the Opening Ceremonies with digitally enhanced graphics. Next up they had a cuter 9-year-old girl stand in as the face for the real girl who sung the actual anthem at the Opening Ceremony because the real girl wasn’t cute enough. Then we find out that…Read More

Mark Spitz Not at All Bitter, Oh No

I had heard a few things about Mark Spitz‘s negative attitude towards Michael Phelps and his quest for 8 golds. What I heard however, was nothing compared to the story commenter Gene passes along. 36 years after his day in the spotlight at Munich, Mark Spitz, one of the greatest Olympians ever, is coming off…Read More

Honestly, They Actually Give Gold Medals for That?

Every couple years when the Olympics roll around, I find myself in the minority as one of the few people who really couldn’t care less about the events. Heck, over 34 million people in the country supposedly watched the opening ceremonies on Friday evening. I was not one of them. I was a little too…Read More

Must Have Strong Thighs to Live in China

Most people think it’s the athletic competition that comprises the biggest element of the Olympic Games. Au contraire, it’s the cultural learnings and adjustments that really makes the Olympics a truly international wonder. Witness: Dude, that’s like an episode of Borat right there. Think it’s a coincidence many of the Asian players who come over…Read More

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