Best fan signs from Dwight Howard’s return to Orlando (Pictures)

Dwight HowardDwight Howard was a force Tuesday in his first game back in Orlando since being traded from the Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers over the summer. He had a season-high 39 points while grabbing 16 rebounds and recording three blocks in the Lakers’ 106-97 win.

Howard has looked great in the last four games, all of which have been wins for the Lakers.

Though Dwight got the better of the Magic Tuesday, the fans did a good job getting back at him for the way he left the team.

Below are some of the best signs and T-shirts/jerseys from Magic fans who came prepared to clown on the team’s former star player:

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Dwight Howard booed by Magic fans in introductions, didn’t seem to mind (Video)

Dwight Howard faceDwight Howard was booed by Magic fans during introductions before his first game back in Orlando. That came as no surprise; Magic fans were likely eager to attend the game just to boo him. What was surprising was Howard’s reactions to the boos. Though he knew boos were coming, Howard still seemed to play off of the hatred quite well.

Howard admitted in a recent interview that his biggest problem was that he wanted everyone to like him. His desire to leave the Magic while not upsetting the city resulted in him changing his mind several times.

On Tuesday, it looked like Howard finally realized that the people in Orlando dislike him, and that he decided to just use the boos as motivation to stick it to his former team. It’s about time he embraced his villain side.

Video via @Jose3030