Jose and Ozzie Canseco Double Team Some Umpires at a Yuma Scorpions Game

The last time we checked in on the Brothers Canseco, they were pulling the old twin switcheroo on boxing promoter Damon Feldman. Now we’re learning that they’re double teaming umpires in the North America Baseball League. This is the manager of the Yuma Scorpions (Jose) and the team’s hitting coach (Ozzie) getting ejected from a game last week:

The Canseco’s aren’t exactly bringing the wood as player-coaches. Jose’s hitting .231 on the season without any home runs while Ozzie batting a cool .258. If Joey Gathright is tearing the league up but these guys are struggling, you think it would be a clue to find something else to do. It’s no wonder Jose’s pissed.

The one redeeming aspect of the video was the pair getting ejected while Mamba No. 5 was playing, as With Leather referenced. Now that was sweet. If you’re going to get run, might as well do it with some cool tunes playing in the background for our enjoyment.

Also thanks to We the West for the video.

Ozzie Canseco Stands in for Twin Brother Jose Canseco in Boxing Scam

On Sunday evening we let you know about a mini-scandal brewing between Jose Canseco and Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman. Canseco didn’t fight because he says he wasn’t paid the $5,000 up front he was promised. I bought the story because a) Feldman has a shady criminal past including fight fixing charges and b) Canseco will do anything for money. Feldman instead accused Jose of sending twin brother Ozzie to stand in for him. That story sounded so improbable I just laughed it off.

Turns out, it was true.

The Miami Herald has pictures that confirm it was Ozzie on the scene. Not only does it not look like Jose, but the dead giveaway is the lack of armband tattoo. Check out these photos courtesy of The Miami Herald:

What did Ozzie think, he could just bring some other stand-in blonde and that people would be sold it was Jose’s girlfriend? We all know it isn’t either. Man, these guys are serious scammers! Who knew they’d be even more shady than a crooked celebrity boxing promoter?