Ozzie Guillen: ‘F*** Chicago’

Ozzie Guillen is awfully defensive these days when it comes to talking about Chicago. Earlier this week, the former White Sox player and manager took offense to people saying Chicago is leading the AL Central because he is gone and took several distractions with him. Obviously we have no way of knowing if that is the case, but what we do know is the White Sox are glad they made the change with the way things have gone. After the Marlins lost two of three against the Cubs this week and were left sitting four games below .500, Ozzie was fed up with talking about the city he spent 21 years with.

“F*** Chicago,” Guillen snapped when a reporter asked him how his week in the Windy City was aside from the series. “Why we gotta talk about Chicago, man? Just talk about my ball club.”

As we all know and the Marlins players can certainly tell you from their first season under him, Ozzie loves dropping the f-bomb. His response is more of an indication that he is frustrated with his team than anything, but the fans of Chicago probably won’t appreciate it.

Nationals send Ozzie Guillen autographed Bryce Harper bat as a joke

Ozzie Guillen‘s epic and pedantic fuss over the amount of pine tar on Bryce Harper‘s bat on Sunday was perhaps the highlight of the weekend. The Nationals accused Ozzie of trying to intimidate the 19-year-old Harper. Ozzie said Harper was being “unprofessional,” while seemingly becoming the first person to make a big stink over pine tar since Billy Martin. But, come Tuesday, everything was all forgiven, thanks in part to a prank that helped bring levity to the conflict.

Not too long after Ozzie made his fuss, the Nationals felt like getting under the Marlins’ skipper’s skin even more. Nats first baseman Adam LaRoche had Harper, without knowing LaRoche’s intentions, sign a bat for him, after which LaRoche inscribed, “To my hero, Ozzie, love you,” next to the autograph. The Nats then smeared pine tar all over the bat and had it delivered to Guillen.

If you thought Guillen flipped his lid in another one of his patented hissy fits, you’d be mistaken. He actually loved it.

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Ozzie Guillen rips Bryce Harper for pine tar use, being ‘unprofessional’

Those who were expecting Bryce Harper to produce nonstop quotes mixed in with a solid amount of controversy once he got called up to the big leagues have been extremely disappointed. Harper has said and done all the right things since joining the Nationals. That is, if you ask anyone besides Ozzie Guillen. The Marlins manager was furious with Harper on Sunday but would not say what had him so fired up after the game.

According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, Ozzie “spewed a torrent of profanity” toward Harper in the fourth inning and complained to umpires that the rookie was applying pine tar above the label of his bat, which would be illegal.

“First time, it’s going to stay between us,” Guillen said after the game. “I could have said a lot of (stuff) about this kid. I’ve been praising this kid like everyday. The last three times they asked me about him, the only thing I said was he’s a great player. What he did (today) was unprofessional. I’m not going to tell you guys what he did because I’m not going to be talking about it on ESPN, Baseball Tonight, what happened again. I’ll just leave it like that. I’ll talk to his manager in a little while.”

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Ozzie Guillen’s speech before Marlins’ first game was an F-bomb festival

Season 2 of “The Franchise” on Showtime debuted last Wednesday and I finally got a chance to watch the first episode. The show is following the Miami Marlins this season after covering the San Francisco Giants last year. All things considered, their choice to follow the Marlins was an excellent one; the team just moved into a new park, rebranded, got new colors and uniforms, and signed a bunch of high-priced free agents in the offseason. Oh yeah, and they also signed the game’s most colorful manager — Ozzie Guillen.

I’ve said before that you could stick a camera on Ozzie for every hour of the day and I’d watch that show. We don’t quite have Ozzie 24/7, but this is close enough. And it didn’t take long for Guillen to make his presence felt on the show.

The speech Ozzie delivered to his team before their first game of the season was about as profanity-laced as it gets. The cuss words he used have not been edited out to preserve the authenticity of his speech. Proceed if you don’t mind reading the F-word every sentence. (language NSFW)

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Ozzie Guillen goes off on Marlins after loss, defends Heath Bell’s blown save

The All-Star break can’t seem to get here fast enough for the Marlins. The past month or so has been horrible for Ozzie Guillen’s squad, as they have managed only nine wins since June 1. After showing signs of life recently and putting together a short four-game winning streak, the Marlins have lost two close games in the row to the Brewers. On Tuesday night, closer Heath Bell blew the save for Miami by giving up two runs in the 10th inning. After the heartbreaking 13-12 loss, Guillen went on an epic tirade but refused to blame Bell for the team’s misfortunes.

“Make sure Miami people don’t (expletive) Bell,” Guillen said according to the Miami Herald. “Bell gave up two runs. How about the rest of the (expletives) 10 or 12 runs they scored? That’s why this (expletive) game is not (expletive) fair.

“It’s Ozzie talking (expletive)? No. It’s Ozzie talking the truth, about how (expletive) we were before that (expletive) inning. Put that (expletive) down!”

The Marlins trailed 9-2 at one point in the game and were able to rally back, so you can understand why Guillen was so angry. To his credit, Bell blamed himself several times after the game for “letting my teammates down.” But Guillen is right. In a loss where the team gives up 12 runs, its hard to blame the closer simply because he was the last person to get racked. If you score 11 runs, you should win a game.

“It hurts, obviously it hurts,” Guillen said. “You take the win away and have a punch right in your stomach. We fought, we fought with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy even when we were down. But at the end of the day, it’s not how much we fight. Win the fight — that’s more important. They pay you to win the fight, not fight good.”

I’m going to guess Ozzie’s sleeping medicine was put to good use on Tuesday night.

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Ozzie Guillen needs seven beers and a sleeping pill to shake off 15-5 loss

The Marlins are not playing good baseball. They are currently seven games out of first place and have a sub-.500 record. Miami has played particularly terrible as of late, having lost 12 of their last 14. On Wednesday night, they took another beating in Boston at the hands of the the Red Sox. How does one recover from a 15-5 loss during what is shaping up to be a disappointing season? Ozzie Guillen has a very specific approach.

“Easy,” Guillen said when asked about the blowout according to the Palm Beach Post. “Seven Presidentes (beer) and a sleeping pill and be ready for the job tomorrow.”

Welcome back, Ozzie. Aside from his colorful blowup at a reporter and some crazy comments about Dwyane Wade, Guillen has been somewhat careful about what he says since the Fidel Castro diaster. With a 33-35 record and a team that has forgotten how to win, it’s only a matter of time before Ozzie once again becomes the quote machine that we have all grown to love.

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Ozzie Guillen says he would have fought Dwyane Wade in Game 3

Dwyane Wade is probably lucky it wasn’t Ozzie Guillen‘s face he was getting into during Game 3 on Thursday.

Wade drew some backlash after he was seen fiercely confronting Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on the sideline during Miami’s nightmarish loss to the Pacers. Wade was ultimately separated by teammates, but Guillen says that wouldn’t have been necessary if he were in Spoelstra’s position. The Marlins manager said he would have gotten physical if Wade were one of his players.

“He can guarantee a fight … I will kick his [butt],’’ Guillen said, according to the Miami Herald. “Well, I won’t say I’ll kick his [butt]. They’ll kick my [butt] because they’re bigger than me, and I’m older. But I will take my chances. Some people have to understand our job. Some players, they think they know more baseball than you do.

“I don’t know Wade. I don’t know the coach. That’s disrespectful. Why he said it? When he said it? That’s none of my business. [But] he can guarantee a fight.”

Given Guillen’s notoriously short temper, I don’t think anybody doubts him when he says he would fight a player. But he shouldn’t sell himself so short. The way things were going for Wade in that game, Guillen probably could have lay a whooping.

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