Ex-Sprint Cup girl Paige Duke just finished a bachelorette-type reality show, is still worried about her nude picture scandal

You may remember Paige Duke, the woman who was fired as a Miss Sprint Cup girl because of a nude picture scandal. You may have been wondering what she’s been up to since then, and apparently she’s doing just fine.

Duke was in Season 2 of the reality dating show “Sweet Home Alabama” on CMT and became the focus of the show in Season 3. “Sweet Home Alabama” is a spin off the movie of the same name where a Southern girl chooses between the city and country beaus. The season ended last week with Duke choosing a Minnesota farmer as her love.

Apparently the scandal was still on her mind when she was getting prepare to meet the farmer’s family.

“I don’t want them to go home and Google me and that change their opinion of me or what they think I am,” she said.

At last check Duke’s lawyers were working to scrub the nude photos — which were taken for a boyfriend when she was in college — from the internet. Unfortunately for Duke, they haven’t had much success. At least she hasn’t let the scandal kill her career.

Paige Duke Fired as Miss Sprint Cup Girl After Nude Pictures Emerge

Paige Duke was recently fired from her job as one of the Miss Sprint Cup girls. The announcement was made through the Miss Sprint Cup Facebook page in a post on June 29th, but no reason was provided. SB Nation suggested that nude pictures which had spread on some racing sites were responsible for the firing, but that was just speculation up until now.

In an interview with FOX Charlotte, Duke confirmed that was the case.

Paige explained that naked pictures she took for her boyfriend while she was in college somehow got out.

“These were pictures I had sent an ex-boyfriend when I was 18. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me,” Duke told FOX Charlotte.

She says the pictures were only sent to her ex. Her attorneys are trying to figure out who’s responsible for spreading them and they’re trying to have them removed from the net. They’re still out there, and believe me, they’re not just a friendly flash from your girl next door.

Duke says she understands that the pictures violate her morality clause and she hopes other girls will learn from her mistake. And what lesson is that? Don’t distribute naked pictures of yourself unless you’re prepared for them to become public.

Isn’t that right, Greg Oden, Hilary Duff, Mike Hamlin, and Brett Favre?