John Lackey gave Pat Neshek a Babe Ruth autographed ball for his jersey number

John-Lackey-CardinalsJohn Lackey has worn jersey No. 41 throughout his entire career, and it is obviously very important to him. When the veteran right-hander was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals from the Boston Red Sox, he had to negotiate in order to keep No. 41. Cards reliever Pat Neshek drove a pretty hard bargain.

On Wednesday, Neshek tweeted a photo of an authentic Babe Ruth autographed baseball and thanked Lackey for the gift. Considering the nature of the exchange, I’d be more inclined to call it a form of payment than a gift.

Baseballs that have been signed by The Babe sell for anywhere between $3,000 to $50,000, depending on the condition. When you consider what some other professional athletes have paid to keep their jersey numbers, Lackey didn’t do all that horribly. Plus, he’s making north of $15 million this season. If Big Hoss wants another autographed Ruth baseball, he’ll just go out and buy one.

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Pat Neshek’s brother makes awesome leaping catch as ballboy (Video)

Paul Neshek catchA ballboy guarding the left-field line at Target Field in Minnesota made a grab for the highlight reel on Thursday, and there’s a twist that makes the story even more fun.

It turns out that the young man who made the amazing snag on Alexei Ramirez’s foul line drive in the fourth inning is Paul Neshek, who is the brother of Oakland A’s relief pitcher Pat Neshek. Pat tweeted about the play in amazement on Thursday:

Pat Neshek was drafted by the Twins in 2002 and played for them from 2006-2010. He has spent the past two seasons with the A’s, but apparently his brother is still in Minnesota.

Neshek has a 2.90 ERA in 198.2 career innings. The baseball skills seem to run in the family.

Pat Neshek’s baby son dies 23 hours after birth

What started as a dream week for Oakland A’s relief pitcher Pat Neshek turned tragic after his baby son died 23 hours after being born on Tuesday.

Neshek was ecstatic when he shared the news that his wife had gone into labor on Monday night — the same night the A’s beat the Rangers to clinch a playoff spot and get within a game of the AL West lead:

Neshek flew from Oakland to Florida to be with his wife, Stephanee, as she gave birth to their son.

On Tuesday evening, Stephanie shared a picture and other details about the couple’s son, who was born that day.

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