Patrick Kane Sets Great Example for the Youth of Chicago

After scoring the game-winning goal in overtime of Game 6 that gave the Blackhawks the Stanley Cup, Patrick Kane was told to be on his best behavior at the team’s parade. His response typified his brash, 21-year-old attitude, “not a chance, not a chance!” Two days later the parade celebrating the Stanley Cup win took place in Chicago and Kane was true to form. He spent parts of the parade downing beers, doing booty dances, and slurring his speech like a drunk at a bar. Here’s the Patrick Kane parade celebration video courtesy of NBC Sports via Deadspin:

Hey, if there’s ever a time for players and teams to celebrate with their fans it’s after they’ve won it all; there should be a great reward for working your butt off. Still, there’s a way to keep things tasteful while you’re celebrating, and dropping f-bombs like Chase Utley and getting hammered like Kaner isn’t the best example of that. Suddenly the whole cab driver incident seems a whole lot more believable too.

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Patrick Kane on Game-Winner: Holy Crap!

Though only 21-years-old, winger Patrick Kane just cemented his status as a hero in Chicago. Kane scored the game-winning goal in overtime of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final giving the Blackhawks a 4-3 win over the Flyers. Kane went five-hole on Michael Leighton and began celebrating immediately though the refs had a delayed goal call. Once the call was confirmed, it was official and the Blackhawks won the Cup for the first time since 1961. Here’s the video of Patrick Kane’s game-winning goal that provided Chicago with the Stanley Cup:

After scoring the game-winner, Kane told NBC that scoring the game-winning goal in the Stanley Cup Final was a dream come true. Then, Kane encapsulated the feelings of all Blackhawks fans saying “I can’t believe this just happened … holy crap!” The brash youngster who’s made his share of head-turning comments then was told to be on his best behavior for the parade. His response? “Not a chance, not a chance!” Somehow I’m guessing Chicago fans wouldn’t have wanted to hear anything else.

Patrick Kane on NHL Groupies, Hotties

I’m not exactly expecting you to know who Patrick Kane is because the last hockey players you probably followed included Gretzky and Messier. I’m not too far off. But Patrick Kane is a 19-year-old winger who was drafted first overall by the Blackhawks last year. He’s already off to a fantastic start, and he came on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio to celebrate being named SN NHL Rookie of the Year. Naturally Monty got right down to important hockey business:

You’ve played in a lot of different countries in this world … who’s got the best chicks?

Russia. If you go there, you’ll see the hottest chicks you’ll ever see. It’s not a great area but the girls down there, they’re pretty good.

You’ve played in Canada … how are Canadian ladies?

They’re pretty good. You know it’s funny — they know if you’re a hockey player. It’s pretty good. You don’t really have to initiate much out there, they’ll just come up and talk to you out there so it’s pretty cool.

What about the Euro girls? What about the Swedes and the Fins?

Yeah, the Swedes — they’re all blondes out there. If you like that, I’d head out there too, because they have some pretty good looking ones. I didn’t see too many in Finland that I really liked but I would probably have to say Sweden and Russia were the best for the European countries.

Anyone care to take a trip up to Canada with me? We’ll pass ourselves off as hot shot prospects from Duluth or something. The best part is that this kid’s only 19, so you know he’s really having some fun. Any wonder why athletes play worse on the road?