Paul the Octopus Memorial Statue Draws Quite the Crowd

Paul the Octopus rose to celebrity prominence during the World Cup when the cephalopod correctly picked the outcome of all seven of Germany’s matches, not to mention the final won by Spain. He developed quite the following for doing something as simple as extending tentacles to grab a mussel, but the poor creature went tormented rock star on everyone and croaked at the height of his popularity. No worries though, the eight-armed German with a wikipedia page longer than Boris Becker’s, was memorialized Thursday at the Sea Life Center where his tank was located. Tell me these antics don’t make you sick:

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Oscar the Octopus Predicts Juan Manuel Marquez Victory

After seeing how popular Paul the Octopus was for picking the World Cup correctly, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions decided they should try a similar gimmick. In advance of Saturday’s rematch between Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz, Golden Boy decided to have an octopus from the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium pick the fight’s winner. Only they named their octopus Oscar. And he really didn’t choose anyone but they think he picked Marquez. And the video is pretty weak. But since we told you about the gimmick and it sounds much cooler than it really is, we must show you the video per rule V section 107 of the sports blogging code. Here it is. We would advise you to skip to a certain point in the video but it’s pretty much all the same — an octopus floating around in a tank.

We also like Marquez in the fight. And we didn’t even need a cephalopod to tell us that.

Vegas Octopus picks Marquez to beat Diaz [LA Times]

Psychic Octopus Predicted German Loss

One slimy sea creature was really cashing in on the 2010 World Cup — that is, until Germany lost Wednesday. Paul the psychic octopus correctly predicted all six of Germany’s outcomes, including a 1-0 group play upset defeat at the hands of Serbia and Wednesday’s semifinal defeat to Spain. The eight-legged creature is clearly not afraid to tell fans the future, no matter how harsh it may be for their team. Here’s a video of Paul the Octopus picking Spain to beat Germany via Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks:

Here is what owner Oliver Walenciak had to say about Paul’s powers:

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