Kevin Durant takes the pedicure plunge (Picture)

Kevin Durant is in China on a Nike tour, so while he was on the trip, he figured he’d follow the old traveling adage of “when in Rome …” by getting a pedicure. He shared the above picture on Instagram Thursday with the caption “I did it for my dawgs(oh lawwwd).” The only positive is that at least he didn’t get his nails painted.

Photo via Kevin Durant/Instagram

Jermichael Finley Got Pedicure Before Packers’ Monday Night Game (Picture)

How does one of the best tight ends in the NFL prepare for a nationally-televised game against a divisional opponent? By getting a pedicure of course. Jermichael Finley is not the only ballplayer we know of who gets a pedicure, but it’s the first time we’ve heard of a player doing it before a game. I suppose as long as he’s not wearing nail polish unlike some other all-stars, we shouldn’t give him too much of a hard time.

Helmet knock to Busted Coverage, picture via Jermichael Finley

Joel Hanrahan Paints Toe Nails in Pittsburgh Pirates Colors (Pictures)

Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan has been one of the best relievers in baseball this year. He also has an inordinate amount of Pirates pride, and he doesn’t mind showing it off, even if it means getting his toes painted as he did Wednesday:

Hanrahan says he was on a double date with his wife and the Resops (Chris Resop is another reliever on the Pirates), and their first stop was to a nail shop for manicures and pedicures. He then tweeted out those photos which we saw at Busted Coverage. The right foot obviously is in Pirates colors but he told Fan Phooey that the left is purple and pink to support prostate and breast cancer awareness. I’d rag on Hanrahan a little more if a) he weren’t pitching lights out this year and b) if we hadn’t already seen this by two other prominent athletes.

Photo Credit: Joel Hanrahan’s twitter