Pete Carroll Pulls Off Another Fake Arrest Prank, This Time Raheem Brock (Video)

Say what you want about Pete Carroll, but the man knows how to execute a prank.  You can call the Seahawks coach obnoxious, a horrible NFL coach, or accuse him of bailing on USC at the peak of a scandal.  But you would be lying to yourself if you said Petey doesn’t have a tremendous sense of humor and a top-notch poker face.  As a reminder, our friends over at Shutdown Corner shared Carroll’s latest masterpiece with us.  Check out the Pete Carroll Raheem Brock prank video:

Only Carroll could pull this off during a team meeting.  I mean come on, a $3,000 hotel bill with 56 movies?  That wouldn’t even be fathomable if not for his incredible ability to keep a straight face and react accordingly throughout the whole act.  Pranks like the one we just saw, this phenomenal cooler joke, and his punking of Everson Griffen actually keep me from hating Pete.

Pete Carroll: What a Snake

Pete Carroll may have left recruiting violations and a graduate student girlfriend behind when he left USC to coach the Seahawks, but he brought his sense of humor with him.  The best pranks on 250-pound men are those that frighten them.  Carroll did a great job of that when he planted a fake snake in a cooler at the Seahawk’s facility and set up a secret camera to film some of his players screaming like girls when they came across it.  Check out the Pete Carroll fake snake prank video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Making grown men look like pansies on camera…classic.

Pete Carroll: Master Pranksmith [Deadspin]
Video Credit: Pete Carroll on YouTube