Tim Tebow’s brother Peter apologizes for gloating after Broncos lost

peter tebowYou better remember the last month clearly, because it’s unlikely we’ll see anything like it again. In the span of three weeks, two members of the Tebow family found themselves backtracking because of their role in controversies.

Three weeks ago, it was Tim denying that he asked out of the New York Jets’ wildcat package because he was upset with the team’s coaches. This week, it’s his brother, Peter, apologizing for gloating after the Denver Broncos lost on Saturday.

Peter may have had pressure from his brother and others to issue the apology, but he did the right thing. It’s hard enough for Tim to manage the public scrutiny he faces or get NFL teams interested in him, so the last thing he needs is a loudmouth brother making headlines.

It’s also strange to see someone who’s seen as a church leader be so spiteful. I’m guessing schadenfreude and bitterness probably are not values Peter preaches as a minister.

Tim Tebow’s brother Peter happy to see Peyton Manning, Broncos lose

peter tebowThere are some members of the Tebow family who still haven’t gotten over the Denver Broncos trading away Tim and signing Peyton Manning to replace him.

Tebow’s brother, Peter, tweeted after the Broncos lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs Saturday that he was happy to see Denver lose.

He also seemed to mock Manning in a tweet sent earlier in the game:

Tebow took over as the Broncos’ starting quarterback last season and led the team on an improbable six-game winning streak to help them reach the playoffs. He threw a touchdown pass in overtime to help the team beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in the Wild Card round. Denver was hammered 45-10 by the New England Patriots in its next game.

Despite winning the playoff game and leading Denver to the playoffs, Tebow was dealt after the season. The move was controversial because many people found the team’s treatment of Tebow to be disrespectful.

Although the Broncos’ season ended in the same place both seasons, it would be nearly impossible to say that Denver was not better off with Manning. Don’t bother telling that to Peter Tebow, though, who clearly is having his moment of schadenfreude.

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