Malaysian politician Bung Mokhtar Radin tweets ‘long live Hitler’ after Germany win


And the award for worst tweet of the World Cup goes to … Malaysian legislator Bung Mokhtar Radin. After Germany beat Brazil by an incredible score of 7-1 on Tuesday, Bung decided to go down the Adolf Hitler road. He sent the following tweet, which has not been deleted.

Bung, a member of the Malaysian Parliament, told The Star Online on Wednesday that he would not apologize.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with people sometimes,” he said. “Hitler is part of history and the German team fought like how he did. I think people nowadays should transform their mentality. Whatever I tweet people hit me. They are not hitting me because of Hitler, but because I am Bung Mokhtar.”

Holger Michael, the German ambassador to Malaysia, spoke out against Bung’s insensitive remark.

“We strongly reject the distasteful and unacceptable allusion to the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler,” Michael told TIME.

Bung is no stranger to controversy, as he once made a comment about a female politician’s menstrual cycle during an argument in 2007. There are plenty of jokes that can be made about Brazil’s embarrassing loss to Germany in the World Cup semifinal. Hitler doesn’t need to be involved with any of them.

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Boston mayor Tom Menino says ‘K.J.’ and ‘Hondo’ really drive the Celtics (Video)

Throughout history we have seen numerous examples of why sports and politics are better off remaining in separate domains. President Barack Obama may know a thing or two about basketball, but typically politicians have too much on their plate to pay close attention to sports. Either that, or it just doesn’t interest them. Heck, even Obama has made a few notable sports blunders.  Whatever the reason, talking sports with politicians seems to always be a daunting task. There are few examples better than the one Boston mayor Tom Menino gave us on Wednesday.

As you can see from the video above that Barstool Sports passed along, Menino was asked about the Celtics’ success during a recent meeting with the press. As soon as the question was raised and Menino said “I stayed up too late last night,” you knew it was going to get ugly.

“There’s a lot of heart on this team, let me just tell you,” Menino said. “K.J. is a great (inaudible) but Hondo’s really the inspiration. I mean Hondo drives that team.”

By “K.J.,” I think he means Kevin Garnett, who goes by KG, and “Hondo” likely was meant to be “Rondo,” for point guard Rajon Rondo, but I’m just spitballing.

In Menino’s defense, he was put on the spot whereas politicians like this one choose to bring up sports before falling flat on their faces. Also, “Hondo” was a nickname for Celtics legend John Havliceck, but come on. Those who live in the Boston area are not even the least bit surprised by how little “Mumbles” Menino knows about the Celtics. Remember, this is the same guy who confused a Red Sox catcher for a Patriots kicker back in the day. That doesn’t mean it ever gets old.

Joe Biden Accidentally Calls the 49ers the Giants

When will politicians learn?  Sometimes they are better off just staying out of our world.  I know sports references are an effective way of relating with the common voter and connecting with the people, but if you aren’t going to do your research and be totally on your game just leave the sports at home.  The latest culprit is Vice President Joe Biden, who recently referred to the San Francisco 49ers as the “Giants.” From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Vice President Joe Biden had his “oops” moment Wednesday speaking in a 49er-crazed San Francisco when he told a crowd at a city political fundraiser that “the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl.”

Biden spoke at a closed event in the city’s financial District at the Bently Reserve when he made the gaffe, according to a White House pool report released today. The comment by Biden drew immediate “good-natured” boos from the crowd, according to the report by Josh Richman of the Oakland Tribune, who was the only local print reporter allowed to cover the event. After suggesting that the Giants were heading to the Super Bowl, Biden quickly recognized the gaffe and and explained he was accustomed to thinking in terms of the San Francisco Giants and their baseball wins. His next reference was to the “49ers on their way” to the Big Game.

In any other situation this could qualify as an honest mistake, with both the Giants and Niners being teams from San Francisco.  The problem is the team the Niners are facing this weekend also happens to be — well, you know.  Apparently Biden learned nothing from the Hawkeye-Buckeye mix-up we had a few weeks ago with Rick Perry’s party.

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