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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Prince Shembo

Prince Shembo’s girlfriend Denicia Williams says Shembo was jealous of dog

Former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Prince Shembo was arrested in April and charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly kicked and killed his ex-girlfriend’s dog. Believe it or not, his motive may have been jealousy. Denicia Williams, who is suing Shembo for killing the Yorkshire terrier, says she believes Shembo planned to beat her dog because…Read More

Prince Shembo reveals he was accused of sexual battery by Lizzy Seeberg

Three and a half years after Lizzy Seeberg committed suicide after her sexual battery allegations were slowly investigated by Notre Dame, the identity of the football player accused of committing sexual battery against her has been revealed. Prince Shembo, who has been a starting linebacker for Notre Dame since his sophomore season and is now…Read More

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