Olympic legend Michael Johnson thinks Oscar Pistorius’ prosthetic legs give him an advantage

Over the years, the topic of whether or not runners with prosthetic legs should be allowed to compete in the same Olympic events as able-bodied runners has gained a significant amount of steam. On one hand, you have athletes with amazing stories who have refused to let their disabilities stop them from achieving their goals. How can anyone stand in the way of someone who has managed to become one of the fastest runners in the world despite having no legs? On the flip side, you have people like US sprinting legend Michael Johnson, who feels that prosthetic limbs can lead to an unfair advantage.

More specifically, Johnson believes that Oscar Pistorius — a South African known to many as “blade runner” — could have an advantage over the other runners in the 400-meter in London, where he will be allowed to compete in able-bodied races.

“It is a great story, he is a great individual and he has been a great ambassador for athletes with a disability and for people, and how to overcome (that) and continue to strive,” Johnson said according to The Telegraph.” Oscar sees no limits; he has no fear when competing against able-bodied athletes. So it is hard for people to understand and to accept when you start to talk about whether or not he may have the advantage.

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Kentucky fan’s prosthetic leg found at sea by shrimp boat, claimed by ex-Wildcat

The story of a Kentucky fan’s prosthetic leg that was found at sea by a shrimp boat captain has a happy ending.

On Thursday, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported about a shrimp boat captain who caught a prosthetic leg that had a Kentucky logo and motto on it. The unusual find was a first for captain Matt Willingham.

“We’ve caught (portable toilets), boat trailers and crab traps,” Willingham told the Daily News. “This was the first to catch a prosthetic leg.”

At the time of the report, Willingham was hoping for the leg’s owner to step forward. It looks like that has happened.

Walter’s Wildcat World says the leg belongs to former Wildcat football player Fred Robinson, who claimed his leg on Thursday night. Wildcat World says Robinson, a Kentucky native, lost his leg in a work-related accident in 2007, and that he recently moved to Florida. Robinson lost the leg while out boating and had given up hope of getting the $30,000 limb back until hearing about the reports on Thursday.

When he heard that authorities feared the leg belonged to a deceased person, Robinson reportedly gave a great response.

“Ain’t nobody dead. Just give me back my leg.”

Willingham and Robinson were set to meet on Friday to make the exchange. Meanwhile, we’re learning that prosthetic legs are the true sign of fan dedication.

H/T Kentucky Sports Radio, SB Nation

Jonathan Papelbon says Phillies fans know baseball better than Red Sox fans, Sox fan once threw prosthetic leg at him

Jonathan Papelbon was one of the many faces of an era of success in Boston. If there is one thing Phillies fans don’t have to worry about with Papelbon as their closer, it’s how he will respond to pressure. Having been the closer for the Red Sox during their World Series run in 2007, Papelbon knows how to pitch with some of the most rabid fans and arguably the most rabid media market in baseball breathing down his neck. In fact, Pap might feel more comfortable in a Philly uniform than he did in a Boston uniform for two reasons: Phillies fans are more knowledgeable and they probably won’t chuck a prosthetic leg at him while he’s in the bullpen.

“The difference between Boston and Philadelphia, the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball,” Papelbon said during an interview with 94WIP’s Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team.  “The Philly fans tend to know the game a little better, being in the National League, you know, the way the game is played.

“I’ve had a guy take of his prosthetic leg and throw it in the bullpen in Boston. It’s a religion. It’s a way of life. They come to the field and they expect certain things out of players. It’s an environment where you put up or shut up. I enjoyed that. It got my motor running every day.”

Your move, Philadelphia. I don’t know if this is a compliment or an insult for Boston fans. The part about being less knowledgeable about baseball is certainly an insult, but who doesn’t respect the prosthetic leg guy? Arguably the most committed heckler in professional sports history.

H/T Hardball Talk

St. Louis Fan Has a Sweet Cardinals Prosthetic Leg (Video)

The Cardinals are winning the 2011 World Series. Mark it down. Empty your bank accounts and go for it.  We all know a good rally symbol can be all a team needs to hoist the championship trophy.  While the Brewers have the Tony Plush rally towel to fall back on, I’m sorry to inform Milwaukee fans that the Cardinals have that blown out of the water.  No, we aren’t talking about the rally squirrel phenomenon that is sweeping the St. Louis area.  Check out this Cardinals fan’s prosthetic leg, courtesy of Joe Sports Fan via Big League Stew:

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