Marian Hossa stretchered off after Raffi Torres hit, Phoenix announcer calls it a clean play (Video)

At first glance, it may have looked like the hit Raffi Torres threw on Marian Hossa Tuesday night was clean. Watching it on TV during game speed made it tough to judge, but after seeing the replay it’s clear that Torres did a number of illegal things. As you can hear in the call in the video above, former player and current Coyotes analyst Tyson Nash disagrees that the play was dirty.

“That is as clean of a hit as you are going to get,” Nash said after viewing the replay according to CSNChicago.com. “I don’t have a problem with this, he comes in, he explodes through that hit, and hits him with the left shoulder.”

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Bruins’ Adam McQuaid Bloodies Raffi Torres’ Eye During Fight (Video)

Raffi Torres likes to think he’s one of the NHL’s tough guys. He loves getting into fights and taking runs at players — some of which are extremely dirty like this one.  The reason the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup last season and are one of the best teams in the league this year is their toughness.  If you’re going to cheap shot one of the Bruins players, you had better be ready to drop your gloves and defend yourself afterward.  When Torres put a hit on Andrew Ferrence Wednesday night, he had to answer to Boston defenseman Adam McQuaid. He did fine with the glove dropping part. The defending himself? Not so much.

Advantage: McQuaid.  Winning fights seems to be a common theme for the 2011-2012 Boston Bruins (see: Lucic, Milan).  The bloodying of the eye was just McQuaid’s way of giving it a personal touch.

Raffi Torres Dresses as Jay-Z for Halloween, Hears Racism Talk (Picture)

Phoenix Coyotes winger Raffi Torres painted his skin dark to look like rapper Jay-Z for his team’s Halloween party Sunday night. A picture of his costume was tweeted by Coyotes forward Paul Bisonnette, who began hearing calls of racism from offended folks.

Bissonnette, who is extremely popular on Twitter, immediately began defending Raffi’s costume. “As far as everyone trying to call “Racism” because Raffi dressed up like Jay-Z can simmer down. He’s a huge Jay-Z fan,” Bissonnette tweeted.

He even retweeted a question I posed on my Twitter account: How many people accused Dwyane Wade of racism when he painted his face white last Halloween to look like Justin Timberlake?

It’s not a wise idea to change your skin color under any circumstance — even ESPN learned that lesson — and it often is offensive. But before people begin having knee-jerk reactions the way they so frequently do, why not consider one important factor: intent.

Some people can’t see someone paint their face black without thinking racism. It’s the same thing with the name “Hitler.” Say it and prepare to be lambasted because it’s a trigger word. Few people bother to examine the context.

While “blackface” has a negative historical connotation, not everybody who paints their face is intending to mock black people. Those unaware of the historical context should be told why it can be considered offensive so they know better for the future. The point is that putting on black paint to look like your favorite rapper doesn’t make you racist. It may make you uninformed and somewhat inconsiderate, but not necessarily racist.

Raffi Torres Hit on Brent Seabrook Will Result in a Long Suspension (Video)

Vancouver Canucks winger Raffi Torres had just returned from a four-game suspension for hitting Edmonton’s Jordan Eberle when he got into more trouble for another hit. Midway through the second period of Game 3 between the Canucks and Blackhawks, Torres blindsided Brent Seabrook with an elbow to the head. Here’s a video of the hit:

Torres is a repeat offender, who led with his elbow, straight to the head of Brent Seabrook. The NHL is trying to crack down on head shots ever since Matt Cooke leveled Marc Savard last year. We may be anticipating a Stanley Cup run for the Canucks, but after that hit they’ll probably be doing most of it without Torres.

Honestly Raffi Torres, you return from a four-game suspension for a hit only to do that? I don’t have anything to say except if Mike Scioscia were your coach, he’d probably give you the look of disbelief:

UPDATE: Torres will not be suspended for the hit.