Jameis Winston does joust, plays football in FSU-ND rain delay (Video)

Few things produce more fun in baseball than rain delays. Over the past few years, we’ve really seen the trend of teams providing rain delay entertainment explode. Teams will engage in dance-offs and other rehearsed skits that require a group effort. And Notre Dame and Florida State certainly excelled with their rain delay entertainment on Saturday night.

FSU Notre Dame joustCollege Baseball Daily shared this video with us that shows the two programs doing all sorts of fun stuff during their rain delay. You see them joust, play deer hunter, football, tennis, curling, bowling and much more. Of course it always helps when the Heisman Trophy winner gets in on the act. You can see Jameis Winston holding up one of his teammates for the joust and then he crashed the Notre Dame football game.

If I had to play judge, I’d say that his side lost in the joust.

College baseball teams’ rain delay entertainment includes bowling, curling, sumo wrestling (Video)

The college baseball game between Nebraska and Cal. State University Bakersfield was rained out on Sunday, so the teams did their best to make the rain delay entertaining. In a tradition that’s become as popular as players using pine tar on bats and donuts in the on-deck circle, the schools began entertaining the crowd with a variety of skits. Highlighting the rain delay were the schools’ attempts at bowling, curling, sumo wrestling, rodeo riding, a shake weight ad, bullfighting, and a dance-off. It was as amusing as these rain delay videos tend to be.

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Texas Rangers Slip and Slide on Tarp During Rain Delay at Camden Yards

The Rangers-Orioles game on Friday night was postponed because of rain, but don’t say the Texas Rangers didn’t make the most out of the poor weather before the game was called:

That video of the Rangers using the tarp as a slip and slide comes courtesy of the team’s bullpen catcher, Josh Frasier. Michael Young seemed to be the ringleader, and Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Adrian Beltre, and a few other seemed to be down. If the team were losing they’d be called fools, but at 6-0, they’re colorful. It’s just another example of the awesomeness that goes on during rain delays of baseball games. If you don’t know what we mean, just check this out.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina on twitter for the heads up.

That’s How to Entertain in a Rain Delay

For some reason rain delays seem to bring out the best in baseball. Two years ago, Jonathan Papelbon and Manny Delcarmen reenacted a Milli Vanilli video. Another classic was minor leaguer Casey Mulligan doing the Thriller Dance last year. This year, I believe we have our winner for most entertaining rain delay. As Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks shared with us, this is Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky trying to top each other with funny skits. Check that, hilarious skits:

The roller coaster wasn’t bad, but my favorites easily were the wrestling ring and the Shake Weight. Hard to believe these teams actually played a game after all that madness. Thanks to Big League Stew for the embeddable video.

FAU-Western Kentucky rain delay theater [SI Hot Clicks]

Cardinals Minor Leaguer Casey Mulligan Does Thriller Dance During Rain Delay

I must be a generation late or something because when I saw this video I thought to myself, “cool, he’s doing the Ferris Bueller dance.” Anyway, we’ve come to find out that rain delays in baseball create some funny moments during the down time and this is no exception. Check out the video SI Extra Mustard shared of Cardinals single-A pitcher Casey Mulligan. The longer you stick with it, the better it gets:

That ass-shake on the 1:15 mark was pretty impressive. I wonder what the team in the opposing dugout was thinking while watching it the whole time.

Jonathan Papelbon and Manny Delcarmen do Milli Vanilli Remix

I never thought much of Manny Delcarmen as a pitcher. At least he has a future as a backup singer one day in case he loses his day job. As far as Jonathan Papelbon goes, I’ve been hard on him for being outspoken about his money, but there’s no denying it: he’s a funny dude. If you thought Papelbon doing the Irish Jig was good, then you’ll love the way he and Delcarmen entertained the crowd during a rain delay at Fenway:

I really wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate Milli Vanilli in their heyday, but that’s still pretty funny regardless. That was like dead on. Check out the comparison. Who would’ve thought those frauds were lip-synching?

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