Trevor Bauer raps about Cleveland Indians winning pennant

Trevor BauerTrevor Bauer released his latest rap song on Tuesday, and this one is an homage to his Cleveland Indians.

Bauer, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, was traded to the Indians over the offseason, mostly because the Arizona Diamondbacks found him to be a difficult person. One of their more minor issues with him seemed to be his hobby of producing rap songs in his free time. After being traded to the Indians, Bauer produced a rap song that seemed to address his critics (like Miguel Montero), though he denied that was the case. This time around, he created a song about his team, and it was full of positive sentiment.

The folks at Indians fan site Wahoos on First reached out to Bauer over Twitter and asked him to produce the opening song for their podcast. Bauer came through for them with a solid song.

As our friends at Waiting for Next Year point out, Bauer mentions most of his teammates in the song and gives a positive rhyme about each of them (e.g. “CP in the ninth, you know we gonna close out” for Chris Perez and “smoking pitchers like cigars” for Nick Swisher).

The hook of the song is, “From the gutter to the grail, we rise up to win it/Wahoos on first with our eyes on the pennant.”

It’s a short song and pretty cool that Bauer took the time to create it for a fan podcast. I can’t imagine the Indians would have any problem with it.

Bauer is currently in Triple-A and has gone 1-2 in three starts for the Indians this season.

If you’re a big pitching fan (or Bauer fan), I highly recommend you peruse Bauer’s YouTube page. It is an absolute trove of pitching mechanics, grips, and workouts he does.

Sample of Serena Williams’ new rap song surfaces (Audio)

Serena Williams may be one of the best female tennis players of all time, but that’s not the only thing she can do. Apparently, Serena can also drop a beat. According to TMZ, Williams had some fun laying down a couple of rap tracks last year at a studio called B Major Music Group in Florida. The studio is owned by Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, who is apparently close friends with the Williams sisters. Fortunately for all of us, a sample of one of the songs has surfaced.

As you heard, Serena kind of almost pulls it off. The lyrics are catchy enough, but for some reason she just sounds unnatural to me. Maybe because I’m picturing her with a racket in-hand while spitting rhymes? That could be it. I did, however, pick out a favorite line from the one-minute sample:

“I cook the track up like a frozen pizza.”

All you DiGiorno guys or gals know exactly what I’m talking about. If Serena was serious with what she recently said about her personal life, maybe that will give her more time to work on releasing a rap album.

She also seemed upset about the word getting out regarding her rapping career. Check out what she tweeted early Friday morning, hours after TMZ published their story:

This isn’t Serena’s foray into music; remember her karaoke performance? The only question is if she’s a better singer or rapper.

H/T MTV RapFix
Photo credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Larry Drew Rap Video Shows He’s a Worse Rapper Than Player

Former North Carolina point guard Larry Drew has hit a rough patch in his life. Since he quit the Tar Heels team in February, they went on to eight of nine games and lock down the ACC regular season championship. Then, he decided to spit a rap at his 21st birthday bash — one that may be the worst we’ve heard since Martellus Bennett gave it a go a couple years back.  The only thing worse than making a fool of yourself trying to freestyle is doing so with no beats, no interest from the crowd, and using the “woe is me” card about your sad playing career. He covered all of that, as you can see in the Larry Drew rap video (courtesy of TwitVid user DaveEmoney):

In case you couldn’t make out what he was saying because the crowd was chatting amongst themselves, Sporting News highlighted a couple of the rhymes he laid down.

“Everything that I’m hearing is untrue. The media, they’ll talk, but they’ll never confront you.”

“The past three years, I can’t let loose. I’m not making all of the moves that I want to.”

“They tried to tell me just to play my role, but who’s going to stick to a script that’s got typos?”

Poor form, Larry.  Poor form.  I’m truly sorry you have to share a name with this guy, L.B.

Martellus Bennett Raps About the Cowboys and Money … Not Very Well

Dallas, this is your backup tight end, Martellus Bennett … (warning, language NSFW)

Thanks, sorta, to PFT for the video. The last time we saw a player rapping on YouTube, it got freshman Josh Jarboe kicked off Oklahoma. I’m not so sure Wade Phillips is going to yank his scholarship, but the language was kinda harsh for his lyrics being so weak. Apparently Bennett has a history of rapping, having channeled Keyshawn Johnson with a rap titled, “Pass me tha Ball,” when he was at Texas A&M with Dennis Franchione as his coach. This guy’s got a much bigger mouth for what he’s shown on the field, you know?