Raymond Felton’s wife says husband cheated with multiple women

Ariane Raymond FeltonRaymond Felton’s soon-to-be ex-wife only filed for divorce last week, but she’s wasting no time making him look bad in the press.

The New York Post revealed Thursday that Felton’s wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, and her lawyers turned Felton’s gun into police on Monday night, which led to the Knicks point guard being questioned by police that night and later arrested and charged with three offenses.

Raymondo-Felton reportedly told police that her husband cheated on her with multiple women during their 19-month marriage. She reportedly said Felton was “constantly cheating.”

Felton’s wife said the two had four nasty fights since last summer, and Raymond allegedly pulled out the gun during two of the fights in an effort to intimidate her.

I’d say I feel sorry for her, but I’d like to hear her first tell me she would have married Felton even if he weren’t an NBA player making millions of dollars. Until then, it’s hard to have much sympathy. Like we all don’t know pro athletes cheat.

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Raymond Felton showed up to court wearing the most ’80s hoodie ever

Raymond Felton turned himself into police early Tuesday morning to be questioned regarding allegations that he pulled out a gun on his soon-to-be ex-wife during a Valentine’s Day quarrel. We shared the initial report saying Felton was questioned by police after Monday’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks, and we thought that he was being questioned related to an incident that took place that night. The incident actually happened two weeks prior.

Felton has been charged with two counts of felony possession of an unregistered firearm, which could come with a stiff penalty given New York’s harsh gun-control laws.

If Felton knew he was heading in to speak with the police regarding a gun allegation, you figure he would dress professionally for the occasion. The guy didn’t exactly do that. Instead, he showed up to court looking like a bulletin board for the Beats Rhymes & Life album.

I think I recognize that hoodie from the Crocodile Dundee movie.

Sweet outfit, bro.

Oh, and some other fun facts: Felton kept the gun and armor-piercing bullets for it by his bedside. He was released on $25,000 bond.

Raymond Felton questioned for allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

Raymond Felton McDonald's

Raymond Felton was questioned by police early Tuesday morning for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman just hours after the New York Knicks game.

Felton, who scored 8 points and had 7 assists in 34 minutes during the 110-108 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, was being questioned by police in a Manhattan police precinct, according to the New York Post.

The Post says Felton was allegedly pointing the gun at his girlfriend. Felton’s wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, filed for divorce last week. It’s unclear if the “girlfriend” refers to another woman, or his wife.

The Wall Street Journal’s Chris Herring confirmed The Post’s report. He says Felton has not been charged with anything yet.

We have quite a few jokes in mind, but we’ll save them given the severity of the allegations.

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Raymond Felton seen yawning during Knicks’ overtime loss (Video)

Raymond Felton yawnIf Raymond Felton is yawning during his own team’s games, imagine how the fans feel?

The Knicks lost 106-101 in overtime on Wednesday night to the 18-35 Sacramento Kings.

Was Felton just a little bored out there, or did he go a little too hard on the club scene the night before the game? Whatever the case, he had 8 points, 6 rebounds, 12 assists and 4 turnovers in 41 minutes.

Just a friendly reminder that one NBA executive recently said Felton was the worst starting point guard in the league.

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Nate McMillan: Raymond Felton was too fat with Blazers

Raymond Felton BlazersFormer Portland Trailblazers coach Nate McMillan believes in Raymond Felton’s talent, but he thinks the point guard was just too overweight during his disappointing stint in Portland last season.

Felton was traded from the New York Knicks to the Denver Nuggets in Feb. 2011 as part of the Carmelo Anthony trade. He was dealt to Portland in a 3-team trade after the season, and he had a poor season with the Blazers. Felton’s shooting percentage dropped to 40.7 percent, and his assistant to turnover ratio was 2.32, which was much lower than it was in Denver or New York.

McMillan was fired by the Blazers last year as the team disappointed with a 20-23 start. He told ESPN New York that Felton is doing for the Knicks this year what Portland thought he could do for them.

“What he’s doing now is what we felt he was always capable of doing for us,” McMillan said. “He just didn’t have that kind of year. When we brought him to Portland, what he’s doing — pushing the ball, attacking the basket, his ability to create opportunities as well as push the tempo — we felt he could do that.”

McMillan feels Felton’s weight was the problem.

“I think [his weight] had a direct impact on how well he played,” McMillan told reporter Jared Zwerling. “When you’re not conditioned to play, then you’re going to struggle, you’re going to turn the ball over. If you don’t have your legs, your shot is not going to fall.

“He had picked up some weight, as he told me, and we were trying to work on him moving that weight during the season.”

Felton has always been pudgier than your typical muscular player, but he gained weight during the NBA lockout, which preceded the shortened season. In addition to his weight being a hindrance, Felton said that being traded to Denver from New York made him sick. I’m sure another trade to Portland after the season didn’t do wonders for his motivation. Now that he’s finally back where he originally wanted to be, he’s playing much better. Mental happiness probably has a lot to do with that.

Chest bump to Blazers Edge
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Raymond Felton says trade from Knicks to Nuggets made him ‘sick’

Raymond Felton says he was so disheartened by his mid-season trade from the New York Knicks to the Denver Nuggets two seasons ago that it made him sick.

Felton was part of the monstrous trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks in February 2011. Felton admitted his feelings about the deal to the New York Post on Saturday, the day before the Knicks were set to face the Nuggets at Madison Square Garden.

“I was sick,” Felton said on Saturday. “I never wanted to leave New York. At the same time, I had to do my job.”

Felton had signed with the Knicks as a free agent before the 2010-2011 season, so he was only with the team he chose for a few months before being dealt elsewhere. Then, in Denver, Ty Lawson saw more minutes than him at the point guard position. He asked to be moved after the season, and he was traded to Portland.

Felton got a chance to re-do his stint with the Knicks when he signed with them over the summer as a free agent. He had a lot of expectations because he was replacing Jeremy Lin, but he never backed down from the comparisons.

So far things have gone well. Felton is having a strong season, and the Knicks are leading the Eastern Conference with a 14-5 record.

Raymond Felton says he is a better point guard than Jeremy Lin

Raymond Felton has some pretty big shoes to fill. He is well aware of that. The Jeremy Lin frenzy in New York last year was one that is unrivaled by any other in sports that doesn’t have to do with Tim Tebow. Linsanity became an infectious disease across New York, and the fans loved every second of it. Now, he’s gone and Felton is supposed to take his place. The former Blazers guard said there is no question he can do it.

“I am a competitor, I am a point guard just like he is, so do I think I am better? Of course, I am going to say that,” Felton said according to the NY Post. “I think I am better than any point guard. That’s the way I am supposed to think. But at the same time it’s nothing personal between me and Jeremy. But people are going to make it about that. I am fine with that.”

Chances are, Felton will not be able to win New York over the way Lin did even if he performs as well. He played well with the Knicks for 54 games during the 2010-2011 season (over 17 ppg) before being shipped to Denver in the Carmelo Anthony deal, but that was under Mike D’Antoni. Lin and Felton were both beneficiaries of D’Antoni’s point guard-friendly system, but as we know Mike is gone.

Losing Lin is about more than just basketball to the fans in New York. His story made him a celebrity. Felton is a former fifth overall pick out of UNC who has been a good player throughout most of his career but has ultimately underachieved. Having come out of Harvard and almost been forced out of the NBA, Lin has a completely different background. In reality, Felton will probably never be a New York celebrity that inspires fans to make posters like this.

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