Rays mascot holds up sign that pokes fun at Steve Irwin’s death (Picture)


Former television star Steve Irwin, who was better known to many as “The Crocodile Hunter,” died back in 2006 when he was stung in the chest by a stingray. It has been over six years since his death and Irwin knew the risks associated with working alongside dangerous animals for a living, but does that make it okay to mock his death?

A Tampa Bay Rays fan at Tropicana Field on Wednesday night apparently felt there is nothing wrong with that, and it appears the home team’s mascot agreed. As you can see from the photo above that Twitter user @asianmegan posted on Thursday morning, a fan created a sign that made light of Irwin’s death. Deadspin reportedly spoke with the fan who made the sign.

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Tampa Bay Rays have a new ‘DJ Kitty’ mascot (Picture)

Step aside, Raymond. The character you see above is the new cat in town at Tropicana Field — no pun intended. According to Rays Index, D.J. Kitty will be Raymond’s new partner during home games. As far as we know the guy in the yellow spandex suit is not making a comeback for the 2012 season.

What is going on here? The cow bell around the neck? The backwards hat? And why a cat? Is this type of look cool in today’s day and age? I’m starting to think the world is passing me by while I sit in front of my computer and write about sports.

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Photo Credit: Jonathan Gantt from the Rays Communication Department

Tampa Bay Rays New Body Suit Mascot Sunny Just an April Fool’s Joke

The Tampa Bay Rays played an April Fool’s joke on their fans for the season opener at the Trop on Friday, announcing that mascot Raymond had retired. The Rays then announced that a new mascot named “Sunny” was taking over, and they let loose the body-suited man who freaked out the fans:

No surprise for anyone whose April Fool’s radar was on high alert that this turned out to be a hoax. Body suit Sunny was funny for a night, but I think far too many people would have missed the antics of Raymond, which include fun stuff like this and this. However, no one can argue that Sunny didn’t do his job of getting the fans going:

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