Royals announcer Rex Hudler calls the moon a ‘beautiful planet’ (Video)

Full-moonIf the Kansas City Royals were looking for astronomers when they hired their broadcasting team, they should have put that in the job description. Some of us forget trivial stuff we learned in the fourth grade. Royals color commentator Rex Hudler is no exception.

On Tuesday night, the Royals showed a close-up of the beautiful full moon that was illuminating Kauffman Stadium. Play-by-play man Steve Physioc joked that it is a rule that if you are broadcasting a live sporting event and there’s a full moon you must show it on television at least once. That’s when Hudler came out with this gem.

“I like that rule,” Hudler said. “That’s a beautiful planet.”

Hmmm. After an awkward pause, Physioc reminded Hudler that the moon is, in fact, a moon.

“That’s…that’s like a planet to me,” Hudler responded.

The only thing worse than making a dumb comment is having an even dumber recovery attempt. Basically what we learned is Hudler makes his own rules when it comes to science. If Tom Cruise and Will Smith can do it, why can’t he?

Video via For the Win

Angels Broadcasters in Hilarious Little Miss Sunshine Video

One minute you’re going to look for the catch Rex Hudler made on a foul ball in the Angels TV booth Tuesday night, next thing you know, you find a hilarious video of the Angels broadcasting team mimicking Little Miss Sunshine. I’ve already expressed my distaste for Rex Hudler as a broadcaster, primarily because his game analysis is so off. Moreover, it strikes me as if Hud doesn’t think before he speaks and just rattles off whatever comes to mind. Point is, Hudler may have just earned himself some serious cool points for his Oscar Award-winning performance in this commercial:

That is just too funny. Did you see Hudler pumping his arms like a madman? Hilarious. And in case you were wondering, the broadcasters in question were Bill MacDonald, Mark Gubicza, Steve Physioc, Jose Mota, and Rex Hudler. Nicely done, Hud.

Rex Hudler Enjoys His Brownies

Last night I was watching the Angels/A's game when a rather dubious exchange took place between Angels broadcasters Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler. They were promoting The Simpsons Movie which led Physioc to mention donuts. The donuts mention led Phys to mention brownies.

It was an awful lead in by Physioc, and Hudler fell right into the trap. Now, before you play the audio, consider this: Hudler was arrested at the Kansas City International Airport back in 2003 for marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia. OK, now play the audio and enjoy a nice laugh.

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Jose Vidro Ruined Ichiro’s Stolen Base Streak

I guess this is kind of a streak that went under the radar, but I thought it was pretty cool. Dating back to last season, Ichiro had stolen 45 straight bases without being caught. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it. He was only 5 away from tying Vince Coleman’s record, that is, until he got thrown out on Thursday night. Jose Vidro was up with nobody out and Ichiro on first in the bottom of the 7th and the Mariners trailing 6-3. Then, in what was an obvious hit-and-run play, Jose Vidro botched the sign, failed to swing, and left Ichiro hanging out to dry. Just check out Vidro’s reaction — he completely drops his head in disgust, fully knowing that he screwed up. And Ichiro isn’t even in the picture when the ball arrives at second base. It’s very clear that it was a botched hit-and-run:

Not surprisingly, the Angels announcers completely missed it. Rex Hudler was going on and on about how good Jose Molina is behind the plate, how tough it is to run on him and Colon. Well, that might be the case in general, but it wasn’t at all the case Thursday night. They played the replay again in the 9th, and Hudler went off again, “out by a mile.” Man Rex, you played the game, you’re supposed to be the analyst. Aren’t these plays just the sort of thing you’re supposed to recognize?

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed by the Seattle Times that it was a busted hit-and-run play