Ice Hockey Rink Roof Collapses (Video)

The roof of a newly-constructed ice hockey rink in Slovakia collapsed over the weekend because of the pressure from a snow storm. Former NHL winger Richard Zednik was training with some youth players at the hockey rink, which is in the Hotel Altis in Trstena, Slovakia, when the roof started to cave.

Zednik described the scene as “full of fear and panic.” Luckily Zednik and the other adults managed to get everyone off the ice before the roof caved, which only took 33 seconds. It appears that nobody was hurt.

Police have begun investigating the reasons for the roof’s collapse.

Bad luck seems to follow Zednik, who sustained a life-threatening injury when he was cut by a teammate’s skate in the throat during a February 2008 game. He played one more season in the NHL after recovering from the injury and recorded 33 points for the Panthers, including this spectacular airborne goal against the Islanders. The 36-year-old is still playing hockey in Europe.

The video is actually very similar to what happened when the Metrodome roof collapsed in Minnesota last football season.

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Video: Richard Zednik Incredible Airborne Goal vs. Islanders

Richard Zednik has the dubious distinction of being sliced in the throat by his teammate’s skate right around this time last year in a game against the Sabres. A year later, the guy’s making headlines for his amazing goal against the Islanders on Thursday night. Check out this individual effort by Zednik as he goes airborne to record the goal:

Best part is his team won the game and gained ground on the Caps who lost to the Kings. While I don’t think the Panthers are in the same class as the Caps or Bruins, they’re much better than I thought they would be. Obviously they have some pretty good talent on the team.