Niners DT: Andrew Luck Would Not be Top Pick if he Played in SEC

Andrew Luck is such a strong NFL prospect there are teams privately happy to be playing poorly this season. Many franchises feel that being able to choose the Stanford quarterback in the draft will be a turning point for their organization. Luck is the consensus top pick, and widely regarded as one of the best quarterback prospects in recent history.

But one person isn’t too impressed by Luck, and feels that if the Heisman contender played in the SEC, he wouldn’t even be the top overall pick.

49ers defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, who went to LSU (pictured above in his college days), says he is a big college football fan. When asked about a potential Stanford-LSU national championship game, he began pumping up the SEC and knocking Luck.

“[A Stanford-LSU title game] will never happen,” Francois said in response to a reporter’s question Tuesday. “If it happens, Luck’s draft stock will fall. If he plays an SEC team, his stock will fall. I ain’t got nothing against him. He’s a Pac-12 guy. I’m not a Pac 12 fan at all, I’m an SEC guy. But if he ever plays against an SEC school, Alabama, LSU, that draft stock is going to fall. That will be one game they just don’t show the scouts.”

Francois insisted Luck would not be drafted number one overall if he had to play an SEC team.

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