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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan Says He Will Be a Better Head Coach Than Twin Brother Rex Ryan

With all the hype that constantly surrounds Rob Ryan in Dallas, you would swear he is the Cowboys’ head coach.  Jason Garrett is barely ever mentioned in the media, but folks love to talk about Ryan.  The Ryan family has developed somewhat of a celebrity status because of their big mouths.  Couple that with Rob’s…Read More

Rob Ryan: Rex Has Multiple Rings Envy

Earlier this week, Jets coach Rex Ryan said he thinks the Chargers would have won a couple of Super Bowls if they had named him head coach in 2007. Norv Turner wasn’t pleased with the comment and reminded Ryan that he hasn’t won any Super Bowls with the Jets yet. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan,…Read More

Jim Schwartz Jabs Rob Ryan After Calvin Johnson Burns Cowboys

While most people recognize the greatness of Calvin Johnson, the Lions receiver still has his detractors. In January, it was Al Davis saying Calvin is nothing special. In August, it was Cris Carter declaring that Calvin was not elite. And despite Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett saying last week that the Lions receiver could be…Read More

Rob Ryan Has Picture of Model Diora Baird on His Playcalling Sheet

Are those Ryan brothers a couple of weird dudes or what?  The one guy likes feet and the other guy thinks it’s great that the first guy loves feet.  Rob Ryan said it’s no big deal that Rex loves his wife’s feet because Rob “loves everything” about his own wife.  I’m sure Rob loves his…Read More

Rob Ryan Says Cowboys Will ‘Beat the Ass’ of Hyped-Up Eagles

The Eagles have grabbed everyone’s attention by signing several notable players in free agency. Vince Young termed his new squad a “Dream Team.” Newcomer Jason Babin agreed, saying Philly was like the the Miami Heat of the NFL. We advised Philly that it wasn’t wise to make themselves a target, but it’s too late. Cowboys…Read More

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