Robert Garrigus sinks insane 100-foot putt at the British Open (Video)

Robert-Garrigus-puttRobert Garrigus buried an incredible 100-foot putt on Friday during the second round of the British Open. The putt, which was for eagle, came on the — you would have never guessed this — 15th hole.

The 15th hole at Muirfield is the one where Rory McIlroy somehow putted into a bunker during the first round and Charl Schwartzel hit a shot that was so bad he broke his club in anger. Garrigus clearly had more luck with the hole than others, as his putt looked like it was being drawn into the hole by a magnetic force.

Believe it or not, Garrigus’ putt is not the best roll we’ve seen in the past year in Scotland. Remember that amazing 153-foot putt Michael Phelps drained last year? Yeah, that guy pretty much owns at everything.

Video via Devil Ball Golf

Robert Garrigus Says He and Other Golfers Smoked Weed Between Holes

Robert Garrigus impressed with his strong performance at the U.S. Open two weeks ago, a tournament in which he shot below par every single round. Only eight men have accomplished that feat including him. Garrigus is also known for having the tiniest putter on tour. He’ll also be known for being a past John Daly disciple.

In an interview with Golf Digest via FOXSports.com, Garrigus talked about his past addiction to marijuana that led to a stint in rehab. He has cleaned up since then and become a much more consistent player, but these stories are still pretty shocking. Take it away, Robert.

On his time at Scottsdale Community College, Garrigus says “It was all golf and partying. I never did hard drugs. I never did coke or LSD. It was just smoking and drinking and hanging out with friends. It was just a change for me, but the smoking got to be habitual: five, 10, maybe 20 times a day. I didn’t keep track of how much. I constantly needed to be high. And I took it to the max. Every single day. Mostly just smoking, smoking, smoking.”

Now if you think Garrigus saying he was on the Charles Rogers path is bad, wait til you hear this.

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