Oscar winner Sean Fine wears Robert Griffin III socks to award show (Picture)


We know Robert Griffin III inspired the Washington Redskins last season and led them on an improbable playoff run, but what you may not have known is that his presence is also felt in the film industry. Filmmaker Sean Fine won an Oscar Academy Award on Sunday night for best documentary. Like most of the other nominees, he was well-dressed. Unlike any of the others, Fine was rocking a pair of RG3 socks.

As Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog pointed out, Fine is a third-generation Washingtonian. After winning the award, he took to Twitter and posted the photo you see above of him on the red carpet with the following message:

“@RG3 we just won an Oscar ‘no pressure no diamonds.'”

Either Fine has met RG3 or he went trick-or-treating at his house last Halloween. If you thought a college quarterback wearing comic-inspired socks to the Heisman Trophy celebration took guts, try wearing them on the red carpet at the Oscars in front of some of the most famous actors, directors, writers and filmmakers in the world.

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Robert Griffin III handed out socks for Halloween (Pictures)

Robert Griffin III decided not to settle for handing out candy like every other house in America on Halloween. RG3 is a unique person, and unique people give trick-or-treaters unique gifts. Instead of adding to their Snickers or Butterfinger count, the Leesburg, Va. youth walked away from the Griffin residence with fresh new socks on Wednesday night.

Would you expect anything less? Our friends at D.C. Sports Bog scoured Twitter and came across several different tweets from people who had gotten fancy new socks from RG3, two of whom are pictured above. One young lady even got a flashy shirt:

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Bryce Harper geeked to get RG3 socks

Count Bryce Harper as the latest member of the Robert Griffin III fan club.

The Washington Nationals phenom tweeted at the Redskins quarterback on Tuesday night to express his admiration and support for the rookie:

Harper wasn’t even joking when he said he needed to get some RG3 socks. The Nationals outfielder spent hours roadraging in Las Vegas traffic just to get a few pairs. At least he did get the socks:

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Robert Griffin III wears Redskins ‘Go Catch Your Dream’ socks to draft (Picture)

Robert Griffin III was selected second overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Redskins, as expected. The moment we were all waiting for wasn’t the announcement of who Washington was picking, but what socks RG3 decided to wear.

Griffin showed off a new brand of Adidas socks made in the Redskins colors that say “Go Catch Your Dream.” The saying is one coined by Baylor football coach Art Briles who shared that message with his players. Griffin explained what it means.

“A lot of times when you chase something, you never catch it. So if you say ‘Hey, I’m going to go catch my dream,’ you’re already telling yourself that you’re going to get it. That’s the message to all the kids out there,” Griffin told ESPN.

Here’s a recap of all the colorful socks Griffin has worn in the past, along with a closer look at the socks:

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Robert Griffin III’s latest themed socks are Ninja Turtles (Picture)

Where do you think the Robert Griffin III sock collection ends? I have to hand it to RG3, this is a pretty original bit he has going. As you can see from the photos above that @willbrinson and @JeffDarlington shared on Twitter, Griffin broke out some Ninja Turtle socks at the scouting combine on Friday. As many of you know, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen RG3 rocking children’s socks. Check out all the others he’s worn below.

-RG3’s Superman socks
-RG3’s Elmo socks
-RG3’s Barney socks

Robert Griffin III Wears Barney Socks to Press Conference (Picture)

There may come a time when the cartoon/superhero socks worn by Robert Griffin III becomes old, but we haven’t hit it yet. He’s still cool, he’s still awesome, so anything he does is full of glory. And that includes wearing socks featuring Barney, the purple dinosaur, to a press conference announcing he’s going pro.

Robert Griffin III Wears Superman Socks to Heisman Trophy Ceremony
Robert Griffin III Rocks Elmo Socks at the Sugar Bowl

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Robert Griffin III Rocks Elmo Socks at the Sugar Bowl (Picture)

Robert Griffin III loves his themed socks. At first I thought he used his socks as a means of gathering more attention, but now I’m convinced he just likes rocking childish stuff on his feet.  We all remember the Superman socks RG3 busted out at the Heisman Trophy presentation, and now he as spotted at the Sugar Bowl rocking some Elmo socks.  Check out this picture that Georgia tight end Aron White shared on Twitter:

Wile the Elmo socks are pretty clutch, I have to give the nod to the Superman socks simply because of the cape.  Any pair of socks that includes little capes is extremely tough to top.  Keep doing you, RG3. Keep doing you.

Thanks to Kegs ‘N Eggs for sharing the picture with us