ESPN Removes Ron Jaworski from Monday Night Football broadcast

In a press release on Wednesday, ESPN announced that Ron Jaworski has signed a five-year extension with the company for a “new, expanded multiplatform NFL analyst role” that will include various appearance on their NFL programs. What it will not include is sitting in the announcers booth during the 2012 season.

As Pro Football Talk pointed out, the folks at ESPN did their best to try to overshadow the fact that Jaws has been removed from the Monday Night Football broadcast. They said Jaworski will have a greater “year-round presence” on ESPN and mentioned that Monday Night Football will feature a “new two-person commentator team” of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden. In other words, Jaws was given the boot.

As for whether or not last year’s S-bomb had anything to do with the move, I doubt it. From a personal standpoint, this is somewhat disappointing. Of the three that used to call games on Monday Night Football, Jaws is the best at talking football. Gruden obviously knows the game, but how many more “this guys” and “that guys” are we going to hear now that he only has one other person to compete with for air time? This could get painful.

Ron Jaworski Drops S-Bomb (Video)

Now that Monday Night Football is on cable, there are no FCC guidelines preventing broadcasters from cussing on air after hours. Apparently analyst Ron Jaworski decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Jaws dropped an s-bomb after watching Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne miss a pass. Here’s the video:

“Shit, you have to get rid of this ball.” Damn straight, Jaws. Better listen to the man, Henne.

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Video Credit: YouTube user RoachRadioTube

Ron Jaworski: Current Players Don’t Really Give a Damn About Older Players

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current NFL analyst Ron Jaworski shared his thoughts on the labor situation in the NFL, and he wasn’t kind to current players. In an interview with Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jaws said he was saddened by the lockout, that he generally supports the players in labor disputes, but he’s disappointed with the current players.

When asked if he felt the players union was doing a good job representing former players, he expressed his thoughts and offended some folks, which is nothing new for Jaws.

“That part does disappoint me. I’ve been around long enough to understand that present-day players, they don’t understand what the guys went through in [the previous work stoppages of 1987, '82, and '74]. … Quite honestly, I don’t think they really give a damn about the guys that laid the foundation for the game. I think it’s a lot of verbiage, but I don’t think they really care.”

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Ron Jaworski: Decision to Bench Donovan McNabb Kind of a Head-Scratcher

If Brett Favre and Randy Moss are two of the bigger stories in the NFL this season, one that appears as if it will not go away is the Donovan McNabb benching by Mike Shanahan. The decision to bench McNabb at the end of the game made little sense, and the explanations for it were even more stupefying. It’s really not even worth attempting to decipher the Shanahanian code anymore; we can reasonably conclude he’s dissatisfied with his quarterback and looking to inspire better play.

Most analysts seem to be in agreement that McNabb’s benching, in favor of Rex Grossman no less, made little sense. ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, a former Eagles quarterback, watched the film from the Redskins-Lions game and remains steadfast that the move was “kind of a head-scratcher.” During his conference call with reporters leading up to the Eagles-Redskins Monday Night Football game, Jaws said:

I’ll still trying to find something that hinted a change was going to be made. Quite honestly, I still can’t find anything. There’s nothing that would lead me to believe that, boy, we’ve got to make a quarterback change. We’re not moving the football. Maybe we need a spark, which is a great phrase that coaches seem to use. But certainly I thought Donovan was doing all he could have done in the situation during the game under the duress he was under. The offensive line wasn’t blocking very well. They weren’t running the ball consistently, and their receivers were struggling to catch the football. So that’s why it’s kind of a head-scratcher that at a critical time in the game …

Incidentally, it was the pressure Jaws described that got to Grossman causing him to fumble and hand Detroit a touchdown. That has been the biggest concern about Washington’s offense all year — they haven’t been able to protect their quarterback. McNabb isn’t exactly immobile, yet he’s been sacked as much as anyone not named Jay Cutler. He seems to always be under pressure and on the run, with little time to let things develop. We questioned Jaws’ analysis of Peyton Manning earlier in the season, but he’s spot on with McNabb and the Redskins.

Peyton Manning Disregards Criticism from Ron Jaworski

While many people are looking forward to the Monday Night Football game between the Colts and Texans to see if Arian Foster will set more franchise records against Indy’s defense, there’s another matchup about which I’m more excited. Seeing how ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski handles his commentary about Peyton Manning piques my interest.

A few weeks ago Jaws suggested in an interview that father time may have been catching up to Peyton. That was after the Chiefs’ defense had shut down Indy’s passing game and before Manning went for over 300 yards to beat the Redskins. After initially dismissing Jaws’ suggestion, I noticed Peyton lacked velocity on many of his throws against Washington though he had good stats.

The comments by Jaworski got back to Peyton for a response. The All-Pro shrugged off the comments and declined to get into things saying “I really have zero reaction.” Players take criticism of that nature personally and some hold it against broadcasters. Peyton will likely be out to prove to people — Jaws especially — that he is still an MVP quarterback and on top of his game.

What’s rare is to hear a game analyst like Jaworski be critical of a star player. Broadcast crews meet with teams and players prior to games in order to prepare for their telecast. To say the production meetings between Manning and Jaws were awkward is probably an understatement. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Jaworski address his critical comments at some point during the game or go all out in praise of Peyton as an apology. Getting into conflicts like this one is exactly what keeps television personalities from being critical in their analysis.

Ron Jaworski Thinks Peyton Manning’s Skills May be Diminishing

The way he started off the season, I thought Peyton Manning was on his way towards winning a 4th MVP award. Peyton had 11 touchdowns against one interception through the first four games of the season (producing a 2-2 record). He still might bring home the hardware, but he’ll have to bounce back from a sluggish game last weekend against the Chiefs where the Colts won 19-9.

Manning obviously wasn’t sharp in the game, going 26-44 for 244 yards, a pick and no touchdowns, but his team pulled it out. ESPN analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski apparently has been studying some film on Manning and told Mike and Mike in the Morning that he thinks father time may be catching up with the quarterback.

Here’s what Jaws had to say, courtesy of Pro Football Talk: “The last couple weeks, as I’ve studied Peyton Manning, he has not been real sharp. Maybe there does come a time when the skills start to diminish a little bit. I’m not saying it is, but I’m seeing little signs now that the deep sideline throws are not as accurate as they used to be, there’s not the zip on the ball that there used to be. Maybe father time might be catching up with Peyton Manning a little bit.”

I really respect Jaws and find him to be extremely likable, but I saw Manning the entire game week two and most his game week four and he looked great to me. Jaws says he’s been watching the last couple weeks, and that would include the Jacksonville game where Peyton looked good. I honestly believe this is more of an overreaction to his off game against the Chiefs. Kansas City’s defense is greatly improved, and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel had an extra week to prepare for this one. Manning may have missed some throws in the game, but I think it’s premature to say his skills may be diminishing at this point. Another MVP award wouldn’t surprise me for the Colts quarterback.