Roy Hibbert quietly being shopped in trade talks by Pacers?

Roy Hibbert benchThe Indiana Pacers are quietly shopping center Roy Hibbert following the big man’s disappointing second half of the season, according to a report.

Sporting News’ Sean Deveney quotes a source saying the Pacers are quietly looking to deal Hibbert, who has two years and $30 million left on his contract. Hibbert went from being considered a project when drafted in 2008 to developing into a very strong center and two-time All-Star. However, he started disappearing in March, April and during the playoffs and looked like a totally ineffective player.

The Pacers are trying to re-sign guard Lance Stephenson and reportedly are offering him $44 million over five years. Stephenson has not yet decided his future.

Deveney says the Pacers — no surprise — consider Paul George untouchable, and almost have David West in the same category. If they do trade Hibbert, Deveney says they would prefer to send him to the Western Conference.

Ultimately, what Indiana does depends on what happens with Miami. If the Heat maintain their core or strengthen it, Pacers exec Larry Bird would be motivated to change his roster. If the Heat break up, he might be more inclined to keep the roster intact considering they reached the Eastern Conference finals.

This is a clear example of the Pacers trying to sell low. Maybe some teams will see value in Hibbert, but it’s hard to imagine any team being eager to pay him the $30 million he is due.

LeBron James told Roy Hibbert what he was going to do on last play

LeBron-James-HeatThe Miami Heat had the ball with 12 seconds left in Game 5 on Wednesday night and a chance to close out the series. Naturally, the ball belonged to LeBron James. While it’s always hard to predict if LeBron will take the last shot himself or pass to the open man, he removed any element of surprise for Roy Hibbert.

After the game, Hibbert said he asked LeBron what he was going to do on the final play and LeBron was honest with him.

“I asked him straight up right before the play,” Hibbert told Scott Agness of Pacers.com. “I was like, ‘You gonna pass to Bosh?’ And he said if (he’s) in the paint he will. We were just joking around. I thought he was going to the basket and I tried to help my teammate out and those guys covered for me.

“In my mind, I was like, ‘Maybe they might go for the win with the three.’ He’s the best player in the world so you got to honor both.”

LeBron did exactly as he said he would. He drove to the lane and saw that Hibbert was coming over to help, so he kicked it to Chris Bosh in the corner. Bosh missed the 3-pointer and the Pacers went on to win 93-90.

James may have been better off trying to draw a foul, but the calls had gone against him the entire game. It seemed like the NBA wanted to extend the series. Bosh had a great look, so LeBron was right to pass it. Hibbert can call King James a lot of things, but he certainly can’t call him a liar.

Roy Hibbert’s ‘selfish dudes’ comment reportedly directed at Lance Stephenson

Lance StephensonWhen the Indiana Pacers were in the middle of their worst stretch of the regular season back in March, Roy Hibbert claimed one of the reasons the team was struggling was because there are some “selfish dudes” in the locker room. According to Mike Wells and Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com, Hibbert was basically only talking about one dude — Lance Stephenson.

Apparently Stephenson was extremely upset after he was left off the Eastern Conference All-Star roster. Because of that, he wanted to prove a point to the East coaches that they made a mistake. Hibbert — and likely other Pacers players — felt that Stephenson’s bitterness changed his game.

Overall, the team noticed a shift in Stephenson from a more team-oriented approach to a more self-oriented focus, where he started obsessing about his statistics. People within the team believed his upcoming free agency was also a motivating factor for Stephenson, who wanted to enhance his value, something he believed suffered when he didn’t get an All-Star nod. …

Stephenson’s act had long worn thin by late March. When the players had meetings to address issues with the sudden struggles, Stephenson sometimes wasn’t involved. Occasionally he appeared to be unaware they were even happening. Most players on the team, now that they were losing, shared similar feelings about Stephenson, but did not vocalize their problems publicly.

Stephenson doesn’t seem to be the most popular player in the Pacers’ locker room. He didn’t receive any support from his teammates when he was trash talking LeBron James, and Paul George even said Stephenson was barking up the wrong tree. Stephenson later admitted the trash talk was a bad idea, but then he went and blew in LeBron’s ear during Game 5.

There’s no denying Stephenson’s talent. He has great scoring ability and is a tremendous rebounder for his size. That said, he is just 23 years old and has plenty of maturing to do. That could cost him some money when he becomes a free agent this summer.

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Roy Hibbert credits Paul George for his Game 2 turnaround

Roy HibbertRoy Hibbert finally showed up for the Indiana Pacers after over a month-long slump that saw him mocked endlessly for his poor play.

Hibbert scored 28 points on 10-of-13 shooting and grabbed 9 rebounds in the 86-82 Game 2 win to even Indiana’s series with the Washington Wizards. The 28-point performance topped Hibbert’s combined point total (23) for the previous six playoff games.

In an interview with TNT’s Tracy Wolfson after the game, Hibbert credited teammate Paul George for his turnaround.

“Paul took me out on his boat yesterday and we just sat there and we just fished for a long time. We didn’t even talk about basketball. So I think this one is really attributed to Paul’s love and care for me as a friend and teammate. So I’m thankful for such great teammates,” Hibbert said.

That’s a pretty significant comment for several reasons. One, it shows that sometimes just getting your mind off the game is the best way to regroup. Two, it shows how a teammate really helped Hibbert. And three, it also seems to crush the silly rumor that Hibbert and George had a major conflict over a girl. I don’t think they’d be out fishing together like that if they really had beef over a woman.

Paul George on Instagram denies rumors about girlfriend issues with Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert Paul George Instagram

Paul George broke one of the LBS cardinal rules by going on Instagram Tuesday to squash a rumor about him and Roy Hibbert having girl trouble. And what rule is that? Never ever address a rumor, because that just gives us a reason to write up a story we would ordinarily ignore.

Let’s start with George’s Instagram post, which featured a photo of him, George Hill and Hibbert out fishing. Here is the caption he wrote for the photo:

“These rumors have got to stop! Its gettin old now and all you that believe them are ignorant! #Brothers”

The rumors are so typical and so formulaic, too. You know, sometimes teams are broken up by girl problems, but most of the time stupid websites just start the rumors any time players go into seemingly inexplicable slumps or get traded away. As soon as a top player is traded, a site makes up a rumor that a teammate was sleeping with his wife or girlfriend. It happens all the time, and it’s usually b.s. And that’s what happened here.

Baller Alert posted on Monday that Hibbert has gone into the mental tank upon learning that George was sleeping with his girl. They also say the fight between Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson was sparked by this issue.

We don’t believe this story just like we don’t believe most of the stupid rumors, though occasionally some of them are true. But if George hadn’t said anything at all, we wouldn’t have even posted about the rumor in the first place.

UPDATE: After his strong Game 2, Hibbert specifically said Paul George was the reason for his turnaround. How much of a personal conflict could they have if he’s saying that?

David West, Rasual Butler reportedly confronted Roy Hibbert after Game 1

Roy Hibbert benchStop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Indiana Pacers lost and Roy Hibbert was a total no-show in the game. But maybe now his teammates are demanding more from the center.

According to Scott Agness of Pacers.com, David West was fuming after Indiana’s Game 1 loss at home to the Washington Wizards and confronted Hibbert after the center rolled a double-zero with no points and no rebounds. Agness says it looked like West and teammate Rasual Butler had a closed-door meeting with Hibbert in the team’s weight room following the game. He says the two declined to talk about it.

Agness described West as “beyond furious” with Hibbert, and quoted the forward as saying that Hibbert has “to be part of the fight. He’s got to be part of this thing for us to go anywhere.”

Hibbert knows he needs to be better (and really, how could he not?).

“I’m going to change some things up for the second game. I’m going to look within myself and go out there and figure it out. I got to come out and be aggressive. I got to be a different Roy Hibbert than I have been,” said Hibbert.

Hibbert has been a total disaster since April and has played like one of the Monstars sneaked into his body and stole all his talent. He just has not been anywhere near what he used to be, and he’s taking a lot of criticism for his disappearing act. At the very least, he should turn it around and play better just out of shear pride. How can he accept the way he’s been performing? It’s a true embarrassment.

Gilbert Arenas annihilates Roy Hibbert on Instagram

Gilbert-Arenas-Faked-Injury-to-Avoid-BoosThe Washington Wizards grabbed the first game of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers on Monday thanks to a 102-96 victory at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The Wizards beat the Pacers pretty comfortably on the glass with a 53 to 36 rebound margin.

Among those to see court time for Indiana and not grab a rebound was 7’2″ center Roy Hibbert, who in 18 minutes managed to not get his hands on a single one.

Monday marked the second time this postseason (game 5 vs. Atlanta) Hibbert logged 12+ minutes and didn’t record a rebound.

Roy Hibbert has received his share of criticism during both the regular season and playoffs, and with a performance like Monday’s it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas was among the many to get in on the act when he posting the following picture and caption on his Instagram page.

Wait, there’s more.



Ouch. Definitely don’t want to give Gilbert Arenas any material to use against you.