Ruslan Provodnikov complains about Chris Algieri’s fighting style

Ruslan ProvodnikovRuslan Provodnikov looked like he was going to cruise to victory Saturday in Brooklyn against Chris Algieri, but things changed pretty quickly.

After Provodnikov got two knockdowns in the first, Algieri rebounded and outworked the Russian the rest of the way. He won a split decision, winning by scores of 114-112 on two of the judges’ cards. Though Provodnikov got the early knockdowns, he admitted after his fight that Algieri’s style was not for him.

“I have to admit, runners are not my style,” Provodnikov said in a post-fight interview with HBO’s Max Kellerman, according to a translator. “He’s just jabbing and touching me. I can’t feel any of that, but it’s not my style. I like guys that stand there and fight me.

“This is the worst style for me,” Provodnikov complained.

Kellerman, who like Jim Lampley and Andrew Ward thought Provodnikov won the fight, pressed the Russian on the issue. Provodnikov had the same response.

“I said it before — it’s just not my style. He just ran and he just touched me. He just jabbed and touched me. I didn’t feel any of that, but obviously I have trouble with that style.”

Based on those responses from Provodnikov, I think we can safely cross a rematch with Algieri off the list of his potential fights. We can also safely scrap any plans for Provodnikov to move up in weight to face Manny Pacquiao, too.

Chris Algieri fights through massive swollen eye to beat Ruslan Provodnikov

Chris Algieri eye swollen

Chris Algieri was at a disadvantage for most of his fight Saturday against Ruslan Provodnikov after his right eye became so swollen that he was almost unable to see through it, but he still fought well despite the impaired vision and managed to win a split decision.

Algieri won the WBO light welterweight title fight at Barclays Center in a decision that surprised anyone watching on HBO and listening to the commentary of the pro-Provodnikov crowd. The judge who had it in favor of Ruslan scored it overwhelmingly in his favor 117-109, but the other two scored it 114-112 for Algieri.

Algieri’s eye became swollen after he was decked hard in the first round by Provodnikov, who scored two knockdowns that round. I thought Algieri won most of the later rounds of the fight and overall looked better than Provodnikov from the eight round on. He was in super condition and still bouncing around in the 11th and 12th rounds of the fight. However, Provodnikov counterpunched extremely well and popped Aglieri in the face multiple times, which led the eye to swell even more.

“I could actually see out of the eye pretty well until about round 8. And round 12, I was f—ing blind,” Algieri told HBO after the fight.

To think that there was talk about Provodnikov facing Manny Pacquiao next. Ha! So much for that plan.

The last time we saw a right eye damaged that badly was when Antonio Margarito lost to Pac-Man.

Chris Algieri eye shut

Chris Algieri eye Provodnikov

Timothy Bradley survives knockdown, concussion to beat Ruslan Provodnikov

Timothy BradleyTimothy Bradley overcame a knockdown and what he says was a concussion to beat Ruslan Provodnikov in one of the most exciting fights of the year.

Bradley, who was fighting for the first time since winning a controversial decision over Manny Pacquiao last June, was awarded a unanimous decision victory by the judges. Two judges had the fight 114-113, while the third had it 115-112 in favor of Bradley, who retained his WBO welterweight title.

The two slugged it out for 12 rounds and were left with massive welts and bruises on their faces and bodies. Though Provodnikov won the first two rounds, Bradley rallied in the middle rounds, which is likely where he gained the most points with the judges. He was also lucky that the referee did not rule a knockdown against him in the first round.

Bradley took a monster right, stayed on his feet momentarily, and he fell forward to the canvas a few seconds later. For some reason, the referee did not rule it a knockdown, even though Bradley stumbled back to the ground when he attempted to get up (seen below).

Timothy Bradley canvas

The horrendous decision by the referee could have cost Provodnikov a point on the judges’ cards, which could have resulted in two of them having it a 113-113 draw.

Bradley did officially get knocked down in the final round. He was wobbly after taking a severe beating in the final minute of the fight. Bradley dropped his knee to the canvas with 12 seconds left and got up just before the final bell.

The final punch stats were in Bradley’s favor. He landed 347 of 1000 (35 percent) punches thrown compared to 218 of 676 (32 percent) for Provodnikov, per HBO. He also landed 218 of 511 (43 percent) of power punches, compared to 186 of 514 (36 percent) for Provodnikov.

After the fight, Bradley told HBO’s Max Kellerman that he was concussed early in the fight.

“I think I got a concussion. I know I do,” Bradley said with a giggle. “Without a doubt.

“This guy is a power puncher,” Bradley said of Provodnikov. “He’s a great warrior, and I take my hat off to him. He’ll beat any 140 and 147-pounder out there. He’s the real deal.”

Bradley’s mental state was so bad, he forgot that he had told Kellerman a minute before their interview that he had been concussed.

“What did I say? I forgot,” Bradley said when Kellerman asked him to repeat what he had told him moments earlier.

So, yeah, Bradley overcame a concussion, knockdown, and received a break from the referee to get the win. According to Bryan A. Graham, Bradley will face the winner of Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado. The winner of that fight will likely face the winner of Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez.