Ryan Hollins had a pathetic flop against the Lakers (Video)

Ryan Hollins flopRyan Hollins’ flop was not one of the more memorable moments for the Los Angeles Clippers in their division-clinching 109-95 win over the Lakers Sunday.

During the fourth quarter of the game, Kobe Bryant was bringing the ball up the court for the Lakers when Dwight Howard got tangled with Hollins. Howard and Hollins exchanged contact around the 3-point arc, and then when Howard touched Hollins inside the paint, the Clippers center flopped on his back. The flop worked, because Howard was called for a foul.

Howard could not believe the call and had a big, “Are you kidding me?” type of smile on his face.

Though Hollins got the call in the game, he’ll probably get a call from the league office to warn him for that flop. Players better start to realize that if you flop, there are video cameras everywhere to catch it, and you’re not going to get away with it.

Do you think Hollins’ flop was worse than this big time dive Danilo Gallinari took against the New Orleans Hornets last week?

Charlie Villanueva-Ryan Hollins Fight, Villanueva Turns into Raging Bull

Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins were both ejected Monday night for their roles in a minor fight during the Pistons-Cavs game. It all started when Villanueva went to set a screen on Hollins and led with his shoulder. He was upset that Hollins elbowed him in the mouth, they exchanged words and … well, just watch the Charlie Villanueva-Ryan Hollins fight video and see for yourself:

Villanueva says Hollins said something that set him off, and we’re guessing it was something along these lines. Regardless, there are no words that could justifiably turn Villanueva into the raging bull he became. I’ve seen dudes go on tirades and rants before, but Charlie V truly lost it. While Hollins was by the Cavs bench and Charlie was in the tunnel, he yelled “I will kill that dude.” Yikes! Settle down Charlie and take a few yoga puffs next time.