Video: 55-year-old grandma Sharon Simmons tried out for Dallas Cowboys cheer squad

Earlier this year we told you about 55-year-old grandmother Sharon Simmons who was planning to try out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader team. Tryouts took place over the weekend, and Simmons participated as she planned. Only things didn’t go as well as she had hoped.

Simmons told the Morning News that she forgot her routine during the freestyle portion of the competition and had to make it up as she went, but it didn’t derail her experience.

Simmons has written a book, works in commercial real estate, and also participates in fitness competitions. She’s also begun an acting career and has no regrets about the tryout.

“With me, it has been about the journey,” Simmons said. “It literally has been about the journey. I’ve met incredible people, I’ve learned so many new things.”

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55-year-old grandma Sharon Simmons wants to be Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Sharon Simmons is 55 years old and a grandmother of two, but that’s not stopping her from trying to become a new member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team.

“I thought that’s something I never tried. I always wanted to try out. I got real close in my early 20′s but got busy raising my daughter. And I thought, why not now?” Simmons told CBS DFW.

Simmons has been competing in fitness competitions since turning 50 and has won nine of them, according to her website.

She’s already in excellent shape, so she has been working with a former Cowboys cheerleader on routines and fundamentals to help prepare for auditions in May.

Given her age, you’re probably wondering if she’ll be intimidated by her younger competition. She assures us that is not the case.

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