Chris Johnson is not thrilled about the Titans signing Shonn Greene

The Tennessee Titans have decided they are going to stick with Chris Johnson for the immediate future, despite his decrease in production over the last few years. They did, however, bring in a security blanket by signing former New York Jets running back Shonn Greene to a three-year, $10 million contract.

Johnson is pleased that his team has been aggressive in free agency this offseason. But as you might imagine, he sounds a bit flustered by the addition of Greene.

“I have never been a big fan of the two-back system, so I don’t know how we plan on using him,” Johnson said according to The Tennesseean. “I’m not afraid of competition, but I was thinking we’d maybe get a draft pick for the other back. And you don’t give a guy that kind of money to be just a goal-line guy and in tough-yardage situations. So we’ll see what happens.”

Maybe they gave that guy that kind of money because they have no reason to trust Johnson anymore. Or maybe they want to give him some competition so he actually shows up every week. I’m guessing both factored into the decision.

“I’ll just roll with it. Of course I don’t want to carry the ball 30 or 40 times a game,” Johnson continued. “And I don’t mind a guy getting a carry or two. But if I am the main guy and it is supposed to be my team … it shouldn’t be an issue.”

You don’t need to be an NFL scout to know that Greene is nowhere near as talented as Johnson. Rushing for over 2,000 yards is no easy feat, but the Titans running game has not been consistent over the past two seasons. A lot of that has to do with their offensive line (as Johnson has been quick to point out) and scheme, but a lot of it has had to do with Johnson’s lack of effort. If Greene’s presence motivates CJ?K to return to his 2009 form, the Titans will gladly pay him a few million to ride the pine.

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Shonn Greene denies that he wants Mark Sanchez to be replaced

New York Jets running back Shonn Greene did not have many nice things to say about teammate Mark Sanchez during his interview with Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday, but at least he attached his name to the quotes. Greene said he felt badly for Sanchez, but it seemed clear that he believes the Jets need to give Tim Tebow a shot given their 3-6 record with Sanchez starting this season.

On Thursday, Greene said that isn’t what he meant at all and that his words were twisted.

“What the quotes were was completely out of context,” Greene said according to Newsday. “What I said was, ‘We’re 3-6 and things need to change.’ I said nothing about changing quarterback, nothing about any single person on this team. I’ve been here four years. I’ve never once said anything about anybody on this team.”

Here is Greene’s exact quote from the Yahoo! Sports story. You be the judge.

“Something’s got to change. When you get to the point where you’re 3-6, and losing and losing, a couple of guys are like, ‘Oh, what would happen?’ But guys at the same time have faith in Mark, so it’s kind of an up-and-down thing. You feel bad for Mark, but at the same time, you want to win games. We’re not here to protect people’s feelings. If you want to win games, you’ve got to try something. If somebody’s not getting the job done, you see if somebody else can do it. It’s the same with coaching, or any position. You don’t mean to belittle someone … That’s just the harsh reality.”

I guess technically he didn’t come out and say “bench Sanchez,” but who else would he be talking about? Again, at least Green was willing to attach his name to it unlike the anonymous Jets players who blasted Tebow, so there’s no need for retired veterans to be throwing accusations around in this case. However, Greene insisting he was not saying New York needs a change at quarterback is very hard to believe after reading the quote.

LaDainian Tomlinson May Become Jets Featured Back

When LaDainian Tomlinson got a Jets tattoo on his calf over the off-season we mocked him for his precocious attitude. At 31 years old, Tomlinson had battled through injuries the previous two years with the Chargers and wasn’t his old, explosive self. The New York Post said during training camp that Tomlinson was done, confirming our belief. Then the preseason games began and Tomlinson made a few nice plays.

Fast forward to Monday Night Football where Tomlinson led the Jets with 78 total yards on 13 touches. Tomlinson showed the ability to break a tackle that we hadn’t seen for a few years. He was nifty, shifty, and speedy. He wasn’t the Tomlinson of old, but LaDainian looked like a capable back.

Perhaps even more shocking than Tomlinson’s strong performance was Shonn Greene’s poor game. The second-year player from Iowa had just 27 yards on six touches and two fumbles (including one costly loss). Greene came on strong last year, going for over 100 yards in back-to-back playoff games. He averaged 5.6 ypc and scored two touchdowns in the Jets’ three post-season contests. Greene appeared poised to take over the starting gig and dominate as the team’s featured back this year, but his fumbling combined with Tomlinson’s strong performance have things looking less certain.

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was adamant this week that anyone who fumbles will be temporarily removed from a game. The leash will obviously be short with Greene, and I believe he’ll still be the man in New York this year, but for the time being we’re looking at a twilight zone situation. At 31 and years removed from his best football, LaDainian Tomlinson has worked his way back into potentially a featured role. I never would have guessed this would happen.

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