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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Sideline Reporters

Kristina Akra May Be the Hottest Sideline Reporter Out There (Pictures)

Move over Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown, Charissa Thompson and the rest of the inexplicably hot sideline reporter and sports broadcaster community.  Kristina Akra wants her title shot, and we here at LBS are already prepared to hand her the belt.  The Big Lead pointed out that Akra was working the sidelines for Fox Sports at…Read More

Reporter Thinks He’s About to Take Soccer Ball to the Head

Apparently seeing this sideline reporter get dinged in the head with a soccer ball has spooked other members of the sideline reporter community in Europe.  Nobody wants to take a soccer ball to the head from a professional footballer, and understandably so.  Check out the video of soccer analyst Mehmet Scholl scared of taking a…Read More

Reporter Takes Soccer Ball to the Head: Intentional or Not?

We have to assume reporters who do the pregame show for a soccer game in Germany know where to set up shop so that they’re safely removed from the line of fire.  As we can see here, they try to avoid painful occurrences by stationing themselves a good distance away from the warm-up action.  With…Read More

Chris Rock Punked by Phil Jackson During Interview with Doris Burke

As seriously as some people take the NBA, I’m glad that ABC is there to remind us that it’s nothing more than entertainment. That’s the message they were trying to send, right? Flashing to celebrities left and right and sending a normally focused and to-the-point interviewer like Doris Burke out to do fluff pieces certainly…Read More

Brad Childress Lies to Chris Myers About Game Plan, No Surprise

I’ve often talked about how useless sideline reporters are and how much I can’t stand in-game interviews. Sideline reporters bring nothing to the table and are nothing more than eye candy, except in the rarest of circumstances. In-game interviews suck because they take away from the live feel of the game and make sports contests…Read More

Kevin Garnett Hits on Michele Tafoya

I’ve already made it pretty clear what I think (or don’t think) of sideline reporters. It’s not necessarily them that I don’t like, it’s just that I don’t like their role. The don’t serve a purpose. Why did we need Tafoya interrupting a moment where Kevin Garnett should be celebrating with his teammates and family?…Read More

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