Skateboarder Ryan Vitale taken out by deer while racing downhill (Video)

I do believe they have outdoor folks wear helmet cameras precisely to capture moments like these.

Ryan Vitale was competing in the Buffalo Bill Downhill skateboarding race in Golden, Colorado, on Saturday and flying downhill at 45 mph when he was unexpectedly taken out by a deer that came out of nowhere to crash into him.

According to Pete Thomas of GrindTV, Vitale was heading into a 180-degree turn called “The Gooch” when Bambi’s cousin emerged and ran into the skateboarder. Both somehow were unharmed.

“I didn’t know it was coming at me. It just all happened really fast,” Vitale told 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen.

Vitale is a 17-year-old high school junior from Salt Lake City. Who figured this is how he’d end up famous?

Easily our best outdoor person taken out by wildlife since this video.

Skateboarding dad badly injures his young son riding down ramp (Video)

We have our first not-father-of-the-year candidate, ladies and gentlemen. It’s hard to fathom what the skateboarder in this video is thinking. And yet, in an epic parenting fail, somehow this dope thought it would be a good idea to carry his young son as he dropped down a ramp at a skate park, neither wearing helmets. The outcome is absolutely jaw-dropping, let alone the premise. Of course they fall. Of course the kid hits his head. Of course the kid cries profusely. You could argue the kid could have died. As Rick Chandler at Off the Bench points out, it’s easy to target the dad for his blatant stupidity, but the people there at the skate park who let this happen deserve just as much flak.

Idiotic Reporter Flattens a Kid

Note to Charley Belcher: if you’re trying to get to an interview subject that it’s the middle of a half-pipe full of skateboarding children — don’t. Belcher attempted to walk directly through the half-pipe at a skateboarding camp in Tampa Bay, Fla. rather than letting the interviewee come to him.  He of course managed to flatten a young skater in the process. This has to be one of the most idiotic maneuvers I’ve ever seen. Check out the video of reporter Charley Belcher taking out a skateboarder in a half-pipe, courtesy of With Leather:

Ironically, he went on to conduct an interview almost completely dedicated to the topic of safety. Yes Charley, it was a safe environment before you arrived. Thank you for giving the children a perfect example of what not to do in a half-pipe.

‘Human Frogger’ Crushes Young Skater [VID] [With Leather]
Video Credit: YouTube user meronek