Jacob at the spelling bee totally thought he knew the answer to kabaragoya, BUT HE WAS WRONG (Video)

15-year-old Jacob Williamson of Cape Coral, Fla., made the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, and the teenager thought for sure he was going to win it all. When Williamson was asked to spell the word “kabaragoya” — and I swear, I had to look like 10 times when I was typing it out — he thought for sure he had it.

Youngster blurted out “I know it, I know it!” with the same sort of thrusting enthusiasm of a 15-year-old having sex for the first time. Check out his “Oh!” face:

Jacob Williamson Spelling Bee

Here’s the Vine video of his reaction:

The only problem is Jacob apparently did NOT know it. The poor kid spelled kabaragoya with a “C” instead of a “K” and was dinged. A lifetime of dictionary-memorizing all down the drain for nothing, and all he was left with was a video that went viral.

Here’s the obligatory Turn Down for What? remix Vine via our buddy @worldofisaac:

Even soccer legend Sydney LeBoo felt for the poor kid:

If Jacob really knew what he was doing, he’d somehow finagle a kiss or at the very least a date from LeBoo. Show everyone you’re multi-talented, Jacob.

How Do You Spell Numbnuts?

Anyone who’s been reading the site for some time knows quite well how much I enjoy the Scripps Annual Spelling Bee. Some of the greatest moments in the bee were classics, like the kid who got KO’d by the power of the word, and the dude who did a Napoleon Dynamite impression. Those were all solid and highly enjoyable, and now numb nuts makes its way onto the list as well. In case you missed a great moment in Bee history, here it is:

Of course as funny as that was, nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever stand up to last year’s champ, Evan O’Dorney. He was quite a beauty.

Spelling Bee All-Time Greatest Hits

We must remember, well before the legendary Evan O’Dorney burst onto the scene for his 2007 world takeover, there were many spellers before him. Spellers who longed to raise the Scripps trophy and appear in awkward interview after awkward interview. Spellers who set the standards and expectations for proper Bee demeanor. Legends such as Rebecca Sealfon:

And Akshay Buddiga who was KO’d by the power of a word:

We musn’t forget that the chickens have large talons either:

And of course, nobody can beat the great Mr. O’Dorney:

Long live the bee, viva La Spelling Bee!

Evan O’Dorney’s World Takeover 2007

With the way he’s keeping things up, I might have to give the kid his own freaking category. He’s amazing. My boy was on TV once again to receive some props for winning the 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Oh, and let me tell you, this was quite the interview for the ages. I promise you the TV personality asking the questions will never forget this one.

Thanks to Matt Watson for passing along the video, courtesy of FanHouse.

Previous Episodes of Evan O’Dorney’s World Takeover:
Jimmy Kimmel Fun With Evan O’Dorney
Evan O’Dorney on ESPN First Take

Jimmy Kimmel Fun with Evan O’Dorney

OK, not long ago I expressed my fondness for 2007 Spelling Bee champion Evan O’Dorney. I showed you the interview he did on Cold Pizza First Take courtesy of Awful Announcing, which was almost as inspiring as the bee-winning performance he gave at the competition. Well my man Mr. O’Dorney is now making the rounds on TV, participating in a skit with Jimmy Kimmel most recently. Only problem, Evan, as you might have figured, didn’t get the joke. Check out this clip sent to me by my buddy Andy Liu. It had me laughing literally out loud:

Congrats to 2007 Spelling Bee Champ Evan O’Dorney

This kid is fantastic. And heck, if it’s sport enough for ESPN to show the competition AND interview the champion, then it’s good enough for me to post. Here is an interview of the champ, courtesy of Awful Announcing:

Again, congratulations to Evan, I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.