Stephen Garcia signs with Arena Football team

Stephen GarciaOnce promising South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia is continuing his football career. And he’s going to a place where many a player have found redemption.

Err, he’s going to a place where many a desperate player has gone: the Arena Football League.

The Tampa Bay Storm announced on Monday that they signed Garcia.

“The Storm is always looking for local talent that can make an impact on our roster,” vice president of football operations Jeff Gooch said in a statement. “Stephen is from the Tampa Bay area and will help add to the level of competition at the quarterback position.”

I’m surprised they made the announcement on Monday. They weren’t worried about stealing the thunder from the national championship game?

Garcia played four years at South Carolina and is third in the school’s history with 7,597 career passing yards. He was suspended FIVE times by Steve Spurrier before finally being kicked off the team. Garcia had a drinking problem and also reportedly failed a marijuana test, leading to his dismissal.

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Stephen Garcia reportedly injured his fingers flashing the peace sign

Since Stephen Garcia could not manage to stay out of trouble at South Carolina and never lived up to his potential, his post-college career is set to begin in the CFL. He is the fourth quarterback on the roster, so it’s safe to say the Montreal Alouettes are not expecting huge things from the former Gamecock. In any event, Garcia started his tenure with the team by being placed on the one-game injured list last week after he hurt his fingers. But this was not just any finger injury.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Garcia injured his two fingers by flashing the peace sign when he got off the team bus. This may be some sort of brilliant joke that the Alouettes are playing on the public, but if so they are not letting on.

That’s literally all the report says aside from some stuff about how Garcia was suspended five times during his days at South Carolina. We already knew all that, so let’s focus on the real story here. How the hell does someone injure their fingers giving the peace sign? Was it the most agressive peace sign flashing known to mankind? Did someone who doesn’t like peace grab his fingers and twist them? Was he drunk? Okay, that’s a cheap shot, but we can’t really rule anything out when it comes to hurting your fingers by throwing your deuce up.

And we thought this ridiculous list of injuries was entertaining.

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Stephen Garcia Regrets the Way Things Ended at South Carolina

Before he was dismissed from the team for failing an alcohol-related test, South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia had plenty of potential.  He had a productive junior season in 2010, during which he threw for more than 3,000 yards and 20 touchdown passes.  Things went downhill during Garcia’s senior season, when he threw only four touchdown passes to go along with nine interceptions before being given the boot after his fifth suspension.  Naturally, Garcia regrets the way his college career ended.

“I would have listened more closely, more in detail to the higher-ups,” Garcia told the Bright House Sports Network in Tampa during his first interview since the dismissal. “It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it was 100% my fault.

“I talked to (South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier) the other day. I sent him a text message to congratulate him on a successful year and his successful knee replacement…and he called me right back.”

Garcia described his relationship with Spurrier as “alright.”  Considering Garcia was suspended five times before ultimately being dismissed from the team, Spurrier must have been extremely frustrated with him throughout his four seasons with the team.

Before screwing up so many times, Garcia had NFL potential.  He was a decent enough passer and could make plays with his legs.  Now an NFL career remains a long shot, although Garcia insists he has been working out three times a day to try to get there.  It’s unfortunate he couldn’t straighten things out during his time at South Carolina.

Referee Takes Down South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia with Forearm Shiver

When you’re reffing a game played at a high level, the action around you happens pretty quickly. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see a referee get caught up in the middle of a play and wind up knocked over by a ball-carrier, or a tackler in pursuit. Even on Sunday I saw a referee get run over. But on Saturday, I saw something I had never before seen. South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia had tucked the ball and commenced to run in the game against LSU. As he cut across the field, he ran into some trouble and was trying to shake a defender. Only one problem: someone brought him down. You’ll never guess who it was. Let’s go to the videotape:

I’m wondering if the official’s going to get an assisted tackle on that play. Seriously, what the heck was he doing? Was he briskly trying to move out of the way and got caught off guard? Or do the conspiracy theorists have it right thinking that the ref was an LSU alum? Unfortunately we will never have the answer to these questions.