Wizards announcer hilariously mistakes airball for game-winner (Video)

Wizards missWizards TV announcer Steve Buckhantz made a pretty hilarious blunder at the end of Washington’s 96-95 loss to the Detroit Pistons Wednesday.

The Wizards were down by one and had a last chance to win the game. The ball went into the hands of Trevor Ariza who attempted a corner three for the game. The ball hit the net, so Buckhantz thought it went in for the game-winner and reacted accordingly, screaming out “dagger!” He went on for at least 10 seconds thinking the Wizards had just won it, talking about a “miraculous comeback,” apparently not noticing that the Wizards players were walking off the floor with a sullen mood.

On a delayed reaction, Buckhantz finally said, “They’re saying it did not go.”

Yeah, just a little late to the party there, Buck.

To be fair, from the original angle, it did look like the shot fell.

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