Steve Phillips: Thank God for Steroids

There are many ways to look at the steroid era in baseball. For most, it is an embarrassment — cheating in every sense of the term.  Most fans feel like they were cheated for more than a decade.  What Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds were able to do is no longer reality.  It was all manufactured.  Regardless, it made for some entertaining moments.

Those entertaining moments are what someone like Steve Phillips focuses on.  In fact, Phillips thinks baseball would be dead right now if not for those few — excuse me, the enormous population — who took up juicing.  According to the USA Today via The Big Lead, Phillips said, “Thank god for steroids. It brought the game back from extinction,” during an interview on XM radio.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who said he would trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt.  But if the affair-having Phillips is right, the game of baseball is in serious danger.  With the way MLB has cracked down on testing and tried to put the issue of steroid use to rest over the past couple years, we as fans are led to believe that the days of 55 home runs in a season are over.

Without the astronomical statistics that supposedly brought the game back to life, what will keep it afloat?  Will fans take to no-hitters the same way they took to the long ball in the late 90s?  Will going to the ballpark and watching a dominant pitching performance have the same effect as watching six home runs fly into the stands? Time will tell.

Brooke Hundley Roasts ESPN on the CBS Early Show

Brooke Hundley, the 23-year-old former ESPN employee who had an affair with Steve Phillips, appeared on the CBS Early Show on Thursday morning and had some not-so-nice things to say about the way ESPN does business behind the scenes.  Hundley has sued ESPN for more than $15,ooo in damages claiming that she was terminated as a result of complaints she filed about Steve Phillips’ conduct.  Whether the things she told the Early Show are true or not, ESPN’s big-wigs can’t be pleased that she’s claiming sexual harassment is a part of every day life as a female employee of ESPN and doing it on national television.  Check out the video of Brooke Hundley talking about ESPN and her affair with Steve Phillips on the CBS Early Show, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Pretty heavy stuff.  Disney/ESPN is such a major corporation that I doubt this will result in a huge scandal or PR hit, but if more women start coming forward and saying that Hundley is telling the truth about every day life working for ESPN they could find themselves in some pretty hot water.  On a seperate note, if you’d like to gain an appreciation for the power of an “I’m about to appear on TV” makeup job, check out these other pictures of Brooke Hundley:

Brooke Hundley Hammers Away at ESPN’s Locker Room Culture on the CBS Early Show [The Big Lead]

Steve Phillips: I’d Trade Strasburg for Roy Oswalt

As time passes, I find that my opinion of Steve Phillips worsens.  He obviously has very few morals, as evidenced by the not one, but two, extramarital affairs we know of Stevie involving himself in.  While placing himself in those situations may have been the stupidest thing Phillips has ever done — even more mind-boggling when you consider the physical appearance of the women involved — the stupidest thing he may have ever said was aired on live radio today.  When discussing the Roy Oswalt situation and his desire to be traded, Phillips apparently remarked that if he were the Nationals, he would trade Stephen Strasburg for Oswalt straight up.

Yes, the same Stephen Strasburg who is one of the most hyped prospects of all time, has not yet reached his 22nd birthday, and is currently 6-1 with a 0.89 ERA and 49 strikeouts in 40.1 innings combined between AA and AAA this season.  I didn’t even believe this news when I heard it, but then it was confirmed by two Twitter users —  JimmyTraina and GaryArmidaFCP — that he indeed said it on Mike Francesa’s radio show.

Basically, Steve is all for the Nationals wagering their entire future to acquire a pitcher on the downside of his career for a year and a half.  Oh, and do it during a time span where your team has no shot at a World Series, or probably even making the playoffs.  It’s days like these that Mets fans need to rejoice that the man who brought them Mo Vaughn is no longer in control of their franchise’s future.

There’s a reason why Steve Phillips is no longer a GM [Hardball Talk]
Steve Phillips on with Mike Francesa [WFAN]

Steve Phillips Was Never a Very Good Judge of Talent

First off, I can’t take credit for that line — I know someone else had it first but it’s oh so applicable now. Anyway, news broke during the week that Steve Phillips had sex a few times with a P.A. from ESPN named Brooke Hundley. The story became news when Hundley went crazy by stalking Phillips and his family, causing Steve to go to the police about the issue. The sad part is that this isn’t the first time Philips had a public issue with an extramarital affair; when he was the GM of the Mets he admitted to having sex with a co-worker, Rosa Rodriguez. Naturally several pictures of Brooke Hundley emerged and many people were still clamoring for pictures of Phillips’ wife, Marni, and his previous affair chick, Rodriguez. Thankfully the NY Daily News produced one, via Sports by Brooks.

Rosa Rodriguez had a affair with Steve Phillips

All I can say is it’s hard to believe Marni never divorced his ass after the first issue more than a decade ago. OK, that’s not all I can say, how about, what the eff is wrong with this guy and what is he thinking??

Picture: Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips’ Affair Chick on the Side

***UPDATE: Check out pictures of Steve Phillips other affair chick, Rosa Rodriguez

Things are not looking pretty for Steve Phillips who already had a history of infidelity while he was the GM of the Mets. The 46-year-old ESPN analyst had an affair with an ESPN production assistant, Brooke Hundley, that he said lasted three weeks but resulted in the 22-year-old chick stalking him. The New York Post says Hundley even sent a letter to Phillips’ wife, contacted one of their sons through facebook, and that she left several Fatal Attraction-like voicemails. Yikes.

Brooke Hundley Pictures (courtesy of WEEI)

brookehundleybrookehundley2 brookhundley2 brookehundley3

Apparently several affairs while he worked with the Mets didn’t deter his wife, Marni, from the marriage, but this was the tipping point as she’s now suing him for divorce. This makes you wonder what the heck Phillips was thinking. Between him and Steve McNair I’d say these stories serve as strong deterrents for men thinking of screwing around on the side. It’s never a good idea if you’re not being truthful about what’s going on. By the way, this line from Brooke’s letter to Marni is hilarious, “You can see I’m not lying and to top it off Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thing, so you know I’m not being fake.” No wonder Phillips was giving such bad commentary on Sunday night — he was too busy exchanging hot sex texts all night! No surprise ESPN has nothing about this story on their website.