Girl tries pole dancing at Encore Las Vegas, falls on head (Video)

stripper pole failOne seemingly drunk girl decided she would get up on a stripper pole at a pool party at Encore in Las Vegas this weekend, and it was total amateur hour. Girl goes up to the top of the pole, tantalizes everyone but dropping all the way down, but she ends up stopping too late and falls on her head.

Give the girl credit for trying to fight through the injury and waving off her coaches who wanted to come out and check on her. Maybe next time she can find a matching bikini, too.

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Stephanie Rice used a stripper pole to train

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice sparked some pre-Olympics buzz by tweeting the picture seen above of her modeling a bikini designed by a friend. Now we’re learning what training methods — aside from swimming — Rice utilized to keep her figure fit.

During a radio interview with “The Hot Breakfast” on Triple M radio in Melbourne, Rice confirmed a rumor that she had a stripper pole in her apartment.

“I did do some classes and I made one of my family members buy me the pole because I was, like, well this can be cross-training exercise,” Rice told the radio station.

“But I don’t have it any more,” she clarified.

The AAP speculated that the stripper pole may have caused the shoulder injuries that have bothered Rice, but they may have been joking. Either way, it seems like Rice is every bit as wild as the bikini photo above suggests.

The bright side is maybe she’ll still have a chance of competing at the 2016 Games in Brazil even if she can’t swim. And here I was thinking this guy had an odd training routine. Guess I was wrong.

Below is audio of Rice talking about the pole:

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