Victor Cruz feels he deserves more money, says he wouldn’t have danced if he lost

Giants receiver Victor Cruz joined PFT Live Thursday and made a few noteworthy remarks. Cruz earned only $450,000 last season while setting the franchise record for receiving yards in a season with 1,536. He feels he is due for a raise.

“I think I was paid relative to where I came in this year and, you know, I came in as a free agent so that’s the salary I was on, so I don’t feel like I was underpaid,” Cruz said. “I feel like after my performance this year I deserve to be paid more money at this point. But that’s something I’ll let my agents and those people take care of and I’ll just go out there and play the game.”

Cruz is set to make $490,000 next season. In the same spirit that teams ask players to take pay cuts, the Giants should give Cruz the raise he’s earned. Maybe signing him to a long-term deal is the way to go.

Cruz also weighed in on Rob Gronkowski, who made headlines when videos and pictures showed him dancing like a madman after the loss. Cruz, who’s become known for his salsa dancing touchdown celebration, says he probably would have left the gyrations at home.

“I don’t think so,” Cruz said when asked if he would have been dancing after losing the Super Bowl. “I think I would have been in my room, watching TV, soaking in the moment. It’s not every day you make it to a Super Bowl, man. . . . Some guys play 15, 16 years in this league and don’t make it the Super Bowl. Or even the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. I would have been home soaking in the moment, I probably wouldn’t have been partying too much after that.”

Who knows how Cruz would have responded has his team lost. He should just be happy he wasn’t in that position.

Tom Brady reportedly aggravated shoulder sprain on Justin Tuck sack

Tom Brady got hurt in the third quarter of the Super Bowl and many people feel he wasn’t the same after that. The Patriots quarterback was sacked by Giants defensive end Justin Tuck with 6:12 left in the third and was examined by doctors on the sideline. Even backup Brian Hoyer began throwing after the hit.

So what happened on the play? According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, Tuck drove Brady’s left shoulder into the turf and aggravated a sprain from earlier in the season.

Brady did not miss a play after the hit, but he was only 7-17 afterward including an interception on a bomb to Rob Gronkowski. Brady’s accuracy wasn’t perfect like it was when he hit 16 straight passes, but he still looked good enough. Drops by Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez hurt the team late. Maybe if he felt better his pass to Welker would have been more on point, but he still seemed close enough.

Is this a legitimate explanation for why New England’s offense was ineffective late in the game? Maybe so, but if the blocking were better, there wouldn’t have been an issue. Credit the Giants defense for getting to Tom and knocking him around.

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE
(note: it is unclear if the picture above is from the play in question)

Rob Gronkowski dances on stage like a madman, ankle looks great (Video)

Day two of the “Patriots partying shirtless after the Super Bowl” features video of Rob Gronkowski on stage and on the dance floor going nuts. Fans are already ticked off that some of the guys were partying and having fun after such a crushing defeat, so these videos will do nothing to help the Patriots’ (and specifically Rob Gronkowski’s) image.

Think about the mixed message here: The guy barely contributed during the game because of his ankle, but he’s grinding on the dance floor like he’s auditioning for a spot on Soul Train. Before fans haul off on him even more, just keep in mind that this dude was probably mixing alcohol with painkillers. It’s a lethal combination, obviously.

Here’s another video of him partying (this one via Barstool Sports). The more I watch it, the more I equate this to someone heading to the bar after a crappy day at work and just getting hammered.

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$50,000 Super Bowl safety winner Jona Rechnitz donating all money to charity

Jona Rechnitz made a stupid bet on the Super Bowl and came out a winner. His story is a fun one to tell because it is so rare, but betting $1,000 on the first score of the Super Bowl being a safety is just absurd. It was a wager that Rechnitz would probably lose if he made it 1,000 more times in his life, but we should all be glad he won. According to TMZ.com, Rechnitz is donating every penny of his winnings to charity.

But that’s not all. Rechnitz is a Giants fan, and he has vowed to give $5,000 to the charity of Tom Brady’s choice, hoping Tom and the Patriots will match his donation. He said he will donate another $5,000 to the charity of choice for the Giants’ linemen who were responsible for the safety and the rest will go to various charities for the less fortunate.

Rechnitz said he only makes one bet a year and it is on the Super Bowl. This year, his outrageous wager finally earned him some cash. Assuming he follows through with his word, you have to commend him for what he is doing. Most people would be so excited they won $50,00 on a 50-to-1 shot that they would go out that night and blow at least a few grand celebrating. Rechnitz is taking a silly bet and putting the money to great use. Two thumbs up for you, my friend.

Las Vegas made more than $5 million with Giants Super Bowl victory

Leading up to Super Bowl 46, the talk in the sports gambling world centered around the sports books being primed to take a big hit if the Giants could pull off another upset over the Patriots. With New York getting three points throughout most Las Vegas casinos and many analysts picking them to win the game outright, it was widely believed that the house would lose big if the Giants covered the spread. That did not happen.

According to Game On!, Nevada’s 184 legal sports books took in $93,889,840 worth of action on the game. When the game ended, the sports books had made $5,064,470. That was a significant difference from the 2008 Super Bowl between New York and New England when Las Vegas lost more than $2.5 million on the Giants’ victory.

As you would have seen in our predictions last weekend before the Super Bowl, my money would have been on the G-Men if I were a gambling man. As a fan of the Patriots, my flawed reasoning had the tiniest section of my mind believing the Pats could pull it off because the house always wins. My line of thinking was that it was Vegas’ turn to get even from the beating they took in 2008, since a lot of money was probably on the Giants. Obviously, that didn’t happen. New York won outright and the Vegas sports books won big anyway. It’s true that the house always wins — they just might do it when you least expect it.

Greg Jones proposed to girlfriend Mandy Piechowski on field after Super Bowl 46

Giants rookie linebacker Greg Jones will have plenty to celebrate over the next couple days. For starters, his team won the Super Bowl on Sunday. It will take a while to come down from that high — especially for a rookie — but Jones will have other things on his mind in addition to the big victory. According to the Star-Ledger, Jones proposed to his girlfriend on the field after the game. She said yes.

“She was bawling,” Jones said Monday morning before boarding the team plane to head back to New York. “I was like, ‘I don’t know how long she’s going to keep crying.’”

Jones met Amanda three years ago at Michigan State. As freelance writer Chris Vannini pointed out, the “Amanda” who is now Jones’ fiancee is former Michigan State basketball player Mandy Piechowski. She happens to now be a model.

“She definitely knows how I feel,” Jones said. “A speech wasn’t even needed. Just everything we’ve been through together. She’s been here since Day One and she knew me long before everything else.”

Super Bowl ring after only one season in the NFL? Check. Future wife who was once a Division 1 athlete and is now a model?  Check. Overall I’d say it has been a pretty good year for the rookie.  The only question now is how long would she have had to wait to get her ring if the Giants lost?

Bill Belichick ditched interview with NBC after Super Bowl loss

Patriots coach Bill Belichick shocked me when he embraced Giants coach Tom Coughlin for a few long seconds following his team’s Super Bowl loss. The Hoodie warmly congratulating an opponent? It was so unlike him. He must have realized how out of character that was, because he decided to make up for it by going back to being the sore loser he is.

Viewers who kept their TV on NBC after the Lombardi Trophy presentation noticed that the last thing the announcers said on the telecast was that they were waiting to conduct an interview with Bill Belichick, but he never came out for it. Right after that, NBC switched to another show.

It’s not like this was a surprise, or even that huge of a deal, but it’s something Belichick should have done. If you want the glory after winning big, you have to accept defeat when you lose. Belichick has an extremely difficult time doing that, and it’s just one more reason people dislike him.