Depressed Brandon Spikes tweets he was suicidal after Super Bowl loss

How down was Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes after his team’s loss? Feeling badly enough to tweet “suicidal thoughts.” There isn’t much commentary to add here, but it just shows the obvious pain some of the players were feeling. Some people will argue that this is what the Patriots deserved. I liked Spikes a lot more when he was rocking his happy pink suit.

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When will the Giants beating the Patriots not come as a shock?

If the only football game you ever watched prior to Super Bowl 46 was the Patriots’ playoff victory against the Broncos this year, I could see why the outcome may have surprised you.  As for the rest of us, why should the Giants’ win over New England on Sunday come as any kind of shock?  Apparently the folks over at the NY Post had the Patriots winning this one big.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Giants ruin the Patriots’ undefeated season a few years back? Oh yeah, that was the 2007 edition of the Giants.  Didn’t this edition of the Giants beat New England at Gillette Stadium early this year?  Doesn’t this Giants team have almost as good a pass rush and a much better passing attack than the one that beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 42?  It’s clear that creating the enormous underdog illusion must have worked for the G-Men, but there’s really no need for the papers to play along.  New York was a three-point underdog, but anyone who was surprised by what they saw on Sunday night hasn’t been paying attention.

Gisele Bundchen rips Patriots receivers in response to heckling Giants fan

Gisele Bundchen is rarely ever present to watch the Patriots play. She is obviously busy making millions of dollars, but Patriots fans probably feel as though she should stay busy more often. Once again, Gisele was on hand Sunday afternoon to watch Tom Brady and company lose one of the biggest games of their lives. As she exited her luxury box following the Super Bowl 46 loss, a Giants fan decided to heckle Gisele. She then did what a celebrity or athlete should never do: responded.

“Eli rules!” the fan yelled according to CBS New York. “Eli owns your husband!”

“You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” Bundchen fired back. “My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

Known for being a great teammate and great leader on and off the field, Brady will likely cringe when he hears about the exchange.  Gisele is right about New England’s receivers needing to catch the ball. Brady’s favorite target, Wes Welker, had the most important drop of the game on a drive where the Patriots could have used a score.  Aaron Hernandez and Deion Branch each dropped a pass as the Patriots were fighting for their lives with under a minute to go.  Mistakes killed New England, but everyone on the team made them — Brady included.

Between this and the sickening email Gisele sent to family members last week, Brady’s wife isn’t earning any points among a fan base that widely considers her to be a jinx.

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James Harrison on Patriots losing: ‘Cheaters never win’

James Harrison admitted he was looking for a reaction with his post-Super Bowl comments, and he’s getting one. The Steelers linebacker tweeted shortly after the Patriots’ loss to the Giants that cheaters never win.

His teammate Ryan Clark tweeted similar thoughts, saying “0-2 post spy gate! Just saying!!”

What they said doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. New England still has won plenty since being busted for filming opposing teams’ signals. The only thing they haven’t done is win a Super Bowl.

Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer said before the game that if the Pats lost, their three Super Bowls deserved asterisks. We questioned his logic; suspicion about three previous Super Bowl wins is independent of the team’s Super Bowl success or failure now.

The Patriots filmed opposing teams because it obviously gave them an edge. But we believe they’re no longer cheating, yet they’re still having winning seasons, and they still have reached two Super Bowls since then. I don’t think they lost this game because they didn’t have the Giants’ signals on film. I firmly believe they were two drops away from winning two more Super Bowls.

If there is some sort of Super Bowl karma for unsportsmanlike conduct, then it doesn’t explain how the dirtiest player in the NFL won a ring in 2008.

Brandon Jacobs: We decapitated the Patriots

Brandon Jacobs speaks in terms as forceful as his running style. The Giants running back described his team’s Super Bowl win over the Patriots as harshly as one could imagine.

“We decapitated them. They can’t wear that crown no more,” Jacobs said after the game. “Can’t wear that crown any more.”

Guess what, Brandon? I don’t think they really had a crown on before. Until this season, the Pats hadn’t won a playoff game since losing to the Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl. The crown was off after their last two postseason exits. This win just solidified the Giants’ dominance over the Pats in big games recently, so sorry to spoil the enjoyment.

Jacobs also spoke glowingly about Eli Manning, as he should have.

“Now he’s got two (Super Bowls) so does this make him the best quarterback in the NFL? Drew Brees is a great quarterback, he’s at home. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, he’s at home. Eli beat (Tom Brady) twice. You guys ask Tom Brady that and I bet he’ll tell you the same thing. Eli’s a beast. Eli’s an animal. There’s not enough I can say about him. He’s a great quarterback.”

I wouldn’t have expected anything less coming from Jacobs, considering the passing game pretty much carried the offense the entire season. Eli put up some big-time stats, but more importantly, he was tremendous in the fourth quarter of most games, including the Super Bowl.

Patriots offered all expenses paid trip to Aruba as consolation prize

The Patriots will be feeling pretty crappy about losing the Super Bowl to the Giants, but the country of Aruba wants to help them recover. The Aruba Tourism Authority is offering the Pats an all-expense paid trip to the island as a consolation prize for losing the big game.

“We want to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication and season-long success of the team, despite their loss,” said Ronella Tjin Asjoe, CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority. “We believe there is no better place to recover after a loss than Aruba. After all, we are known as ‘One Happy Island’.”

The Super Bowl MVP gets to go to Disney World, the losing team goes to Aruba? I’d say that’s a fair trade-off.

Guys who just lost the Super Bowl probably don’t want to give themselves a reward by going on vacation, but at least they won’t have to open their wallets for this one. The best part is they’ll be able to see their Super Bowl champion gear up close if they do go.

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Flava Flav crashes Giants’ postgame celebration, hugs Tom Coughlin (Pictures)

Rapper Flava Flav of Public Enemy fame somehow made it onto the field for the Giants’ postgame celebration. Guys are so elated after winning the Super Bowl, you really think they care who’s around? Take coach Tom Coughlin for instance. Dude has no clue who Flava Flav is. He probably just sees some guy with a bunch of jewelry and big old clock hanging around his neck, but doesn’t think twice because he’s just so happy. And so was everyone else on the field.

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