T.J. Fredette rips Keith Smart, wonders why Jimmer isn’t playing

The Sacramento Kings have lost six in a row and first-round pick Jimmer Fredette has hardly played recently. Jimmer has played 63 minutes during the six-game losing streak. He missed one game with a stomach illness and did not play in Tuesday’s loss to the Heat because of coach Keith Smart’s decision. The benching Tuesday prompted Jimmer’s older brother T.J., who has pushed Jimmer throughout his career, to call out Smart via Twitter.

T.J. called Smart an “interim coach” who “should be an assistant at best,” but later deleted the tweet. Fredette also tweeted with fans saying things like “check the games isiahs played well, all losses!! they gave up 92 in the paint one game, guess that was all jimmers fault.” Almost all of the tweets have been deleted, though a few calling for Jimmer to play remain on his account.

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T.J. Fredette Raps at Halftime of Dyckman Park Game (Video)

T.J. Fredette is the older brother of Sacramento Kings draft pick and former BYU star, Jimmer Fredette. T.J. is an aspiring rapper and he’s performed at Jimmer’s college games. He also performed at halftime of a street game at Dyckman Park in New York Wednesday night according to Inside Hoops, which was there to record the performance. Here is a video of T.J. Fredette rapping Wednesday night:

If I had to label the fan reaction to his rap, I’d call it “indifference.” Better yet, as Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen said in Funny People, at least they didn’t boo him off. I still say he has a long way to go before he’s the next Eminem, but I won’t be the one to crush his dreams.

Jimmer Fredette Signed Commitment Contract, Realizes NBA Dream

Many athletes get their inspiration from some source. Some have a chip on their shoulder from a draft snub, others do it because they learned a dogged work ethic from a parent, and some just want to go down as the greatest of all time. For new Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette, it was his older brother who truly pushed him while growing up.

T.J. Fredette is an aspiring rapper who was never as good as his little brother at basketball. But T.J. recognized that Jimmer had tremendous talent and made him sign a contract in high school to ensure he would dedicate himself towards becoming an NBA player. Check out the contract he signed in 2007:

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Jimmer Fredette Brother T.J. Rapped Prior to BYU-San Diego State Game

Jimmer Fredette is the nation’s leading scorer and one of the most exciting players in college basketball. The senior from Glens Falls, New York has become a fan favorite thanks to his ability to put up unreal point totals. In regular season action, he’s cracked 40 points four times in his career, including a 49-point game last season against Arizona. But Jimmer isn’t the only Fredette who’s developed a following recently — his brother T.J. has been able to use Jimmer’s fame to promote his rap career.

T.J. created a song called “Amazing” about Jimmer’s development as a basketball player that has received plenty of attention. In addition to creating that song, T.J. has been able to perform at games. As I learned from ESPN reporter Diamond Leung, the elder Fredette brother was able to entertain the crowd at the Marriott Center before BYU’s huge game against San Diego State. Here’s a video of how it looked:

Every game this season Jimmer has been able to increase his national profile. Right there with him has been brother T.J. who is beginning to make his mark as another minority: a white rapper.