Takeo Spikes holds up ‘Hey AJ, tell Katherine to quit calling me!’ sign


If you happened to be out of the country this weekend, you missed one of the greatest endings to a to a football game in the history of the sport. Auburn defeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl when defensive back Chris Davis returned a missed 57-yard field goal for a touchdown to break a 28-28 tie. This made Takeo Spikes and the rest of the Tigers alumni very happy.

On Saturday night, Spikes celebrated with thousands of others on Auburn’s campus. At one point, the former NFL linebacker was spotted holding a sign that read, “Hey AJ, tell Katherine to quit calling me!” That, as you know, is a reference to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his lovely girlfriend Katherine Webb.

We’re guessing Spikes didn’t make the sign, but it’s still hilarious that he displayed it proudly. You’d expect McCarron to be irritated by it, but he should be pretty used to NFL players hitting on his girl by now.

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Takeo Spikes: I don’t really want to go through another training camp

Takeo-Spikes-Playoff-CurseVeteran linebacker Takeo Spikes remains a free agent, though he is not considering retirement. The San Diego Chargers cut Spikes back in March and he has yet to find a new home, but that does not worry him. Actually, the 36-year-old prefers it.

“Do I want to be on a team at the start of training camp? Not really,” Spikes said on NFL AM Wednesday morning, via Pro Football Talk. “After 15 years of playing in the league, they’re not making anything new up. The only thing new you have to understand is terminology, and I would like to think I’ve been around long enough to understand that.”

Believe it or not, Spikes’ stance is not uncommon. Remember that quarterback we all grew to hate because he couldn’t figure out how to retire the right way? It seemed like he hated training camp, too. Most veterans could live without it, but it’s part of the job description and they usually have no choice.

Spikes also pointed out that the Philadelphia Eagles cut him in March of 2008 and the San Francisco 49ers waited until August to sign him, so there is no need to panic just yet. Spikes played all 16 games for the Chargers in 2012 and 2011, so durability is not really an issue. He’s a veteran presence who can still contribute, so it’s unlikely he’ll be a free agent for very long.

As long as the phone rings before the regular season starts, Spikes will be a happy man.

In 14 Seasons, Takeo Spikes Has Never Played in a Single Playoff Game

Had the Chargers known what they were getting themselves into when they signed Takeo Spikes to a three-year deal this past offseason, they probably would have reconsidered.  San Diego’s season was doomed from the start.  As soon as they put pen to paper and shook hands with Spikes, they removed themselves from playoff contention.  Why is that?  Because despite an extremely successful career that includes 936 tackles, 28.5 sacks, 14 forced fumbles, and 18 interceptions, Spikes has no idea what it feels like to take part in a playoff game.

As Don Banks of Sports Illustrated pointed out, Spikes has played in more games without tasting the playoffs than any active player in the NFL.  At age 35 and in his 14th NFL season, time is wearing thin.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster,” Spikes said when asked about the Chargers season. “I love this game so much, and I give it my all. The only thing I ever felt like is if you treat it right, it will treat you right, and it’s always truthful. That aspect is what keeps me coming back.”

Was it the fact that he was selected at unlucky No. 13 by an unlucky franchise like the Bengals in the 1998 draft?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it’s just proof that not everyone gets what they’re looking for in an NFL career.  Whatever the case, it’s tough not to root for a guy who has always played the game at 100 percent and recorded over 100 tackles in seven different seasons.  At this point it Takeo would probably trade an unlimited supply of barbecued raccoon for a chance to compete for a Super Bowl ring.

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Takeo Spikes Will Miss Not Being Able to Eat Barbecue Raccoon in San Diego

Linebacker Takeo Spikes signed with the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday, the first day free agents were able to join new teams. Spikes is eager to put on the powder blue uniforms in San Diego and said GM A.J. Smith was eager to bring him in. Though Takeo is excited to play for the Chargers, there is one issue he’s facing. Spikes told Darren Smith on Double X Sports in San Diego that he’ll miss not having barbecue raccoon.

“If mom comes out to San Diego for Christmas time, she’s famous for having barbecue raccoon,” Spikes told Smith. “We usually only have that when I played on the East Coast. I haven’t been able to get that since I’ve been on the West Coast.”

Spikes, who is from Georgia, says it’s a Southern food. He’s played in Cincinnati, Buffalo, Philly, and San Francisco, so it wasn’t until recently that he hasn’t been able to enjoy the delicacy.

Takeo also explained the reason he signed with San Diego, saying “I always felt that they were close.” He added that Philip Rivers was a big factor in his decision. “You don’t have a chance to win if you don’t have a quarterback back there.”

Even though Spikes is 34 years old, he says his tires are balanced and rotated and that he has plenty of tread left. He also predicted the Chargers would win a Super Bowl so he’s even more confident about their chances now that he’s part of them.

Takeo has yet to make the playoffs during his 14-year career, but that should all finally change now that he’s a Charger.

Takeo Spikes: NFL Getting Carried Away With Fines for Defensive Players

I’m all for penalizing unnecessary roughness on the football field and discouraging late hits or helmet-to-helmet hits, but I believe the NFL has become too aggressive in doling out fines to defensive players. Take for instance the fine on Eric Smith of the Jets. Smith was just laying a normal hit on Anquan Boldin of the Cardinals, it just so happens that Boldin was severely injured on the play. No reason to fine Smith for the hit, but the NFL did. They’ve become fine-happy with guys like Hines Ward and have all but sent a message that players should think twice before delivering hard hits. At least that’s how 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes said he felt when he was a guest on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio:

I think some of the fines have been kinda high as far as what’s been going on lately with defensive players. A lot of times when you go in to hit a quarterback or you’re going up to make a big hit on the receiver to try knock the ball away from him, as a defensive player you never want to think — you just want to react. That’s just the standard role of a defensive player. But now you find yourself doing that at times and that’s not good.

I completely agree with Spikes on the matter. They’ve made it so one-sided now where it seems like defensive players might be thinking twice about delivering hits because the NFL has made it clear they don’t want the play to get too rough. Aside from penalties, you know if you keep that motor going you could be facing some serious fines for delivering big hits. That’s not the way the league should be going. Only blatantly late hits, illegal hits, or helmet-to-helmet hits should be fined so as to maintain the integrity of the game and not compromise the mentality of defensive players.