Taylor Martinez Has Not Left Nebraska, Is ‘On Same Page’ as Bo Pelini

It was a bad weekend for Nebraska coach Bo Pelini who wound up apologizing for his sideline behavior Saturday at Texas A&M. Pelini was seen berating officials after the team was penalized 16 times in a loss, and he was captured on video chewing out quarterback Taylor Martinez.

Martinez missed a team meeting on Sunday sparking widespread rumors that he had left the program (after seeing that video can you blame him?). Bo Pelini said that Martinez is still on the team and that everything has been worked out. When reached by phone on Sunday night, Martinez’s father issued a “no comment,” which doesn’t exactly bode well for Taylor’s status with the program.

What brings Martinez’s father into the conversation (aside from the likelihood that he knows of his son’s status with the program)? Some lip reading suggests Pelini was cussing at Taylor on the sidelines for supposedly calling his father during the game. Pelini said those rumors were “completely off base” when asked to comment on Monday. Bo refused to elaborate on the situation, only saying he and his quarterback are “on the same page” and that they’ve put things behind them.

Martinez may not play on Friday against Colorado because of an ankle injury, and he can’t feel too comfortable in the program. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that players get yelled at by their coaches all the time. The only question is whether or not T-Magic can (and is willing to) take it.

Bo Pelini Chews Out Taylor Martinez, Refs After Nebraska Penalized 16 Times in Loss

Nebraska blew a chance to clinch the Big 12 North Saturday night at College Station when they fell to Texas A&M 9-6. Huskers quarterback Taylor Martinez was injured early in the game when his ankle was stepped on by a lineman during a running play. Head Coach Bo Pelini lost his mind during the game, seeing his offense do very little. In the second quarter he chewed out Taylor Martinez on the sidelines, and throughout the game he was yelling at the refs, even earning an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the 4th quarter. Here’s the video of him chewing out Taylor Martinez in the second quarter:

Pelini’s anger towards the refs was justified; the Huskers were penalized 16 times for 145 yards while Texas A&M only was flagged twice for 10 yards. The most egregious call was a roughing the passer penalty on safety Courtney Osborne who nailed Ryan Tannehill on a 3rd down play. Instead of A&M having a 4th and 11 late in the game and being forced to punt, the penalty put them in position to kick the go-ahead field goal with 3:25 left.

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NEWS: Taylor Martinez has not left the Nebraska program

Nebraska can still clinch the Big 12 North with a win over Colorado on Friday. After that, a rematch with Oklahoma State is likely in store in the Big 12 Championship Game. Though Pelini was upset for a good reason, he has to maintain his composure better than that. It’s pretty clear all his bitching only hurt his team more than it helped. When they talk about Texas A&M having the 12th man at Kyle Field, now I know what they meant.

Taylor Martinez Benched for Zac Lee, Out of Heisman Trophy Race

It was only a week ago that I (and many others) was raving about Nebraska freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez. Martinez had run for 241 yards and four touchdowns in a road blowout at Kansas State and appeared to be in the mix with Denard Robinson and Cam Newton as one of the best running quarterbacks in the country. Just as the Heisman talk began to heat up, Martinez went out and disappointed with his performance against Texas and ended up benched.

Martinez was 4/12 for 63 yards in the passing game and only had 21 yards on 13 rushes. T-Magic was let down by his teammates who dropped at least one touchdown pass, and possibly a second. He deserved much better and threw better than the passing stats indicated, but the surprise was how ineffective he was in the running game. After two three-and-out drives in the third quarter, Nebraska benched Martinez in favor of senior Zac Lee who came on with 6:14 left in the third.

Lee led Nebraska on an 83-yard drive that resulted in a field goal to make it 20-6 Texas. After a three-and-out by Texas, Nebraska got the ball back and Zac Lee had a chance to lead the Huskers on another scoring drive. They ended up with a 4th and 18 at the Texas 38 with just over seven minutes left in the game. Lee threw a beautiful ball down the middle of the field to Brandon Kinnie who beat his man on a post pattern. Just like what happened with Martinez, the receivers let the quarterback down and Kinnie dropped a sure touchdown that would have made it 20-13.

Maybe Karma was served to Nebraska fans who were going overboard with their Texas hate before the game. Surprisingly, there may be a quarterback controversy in Lincoln, though I imagine Martinez will keep the job. The one thing we do know for certain: Taylor Martinez is no longer a Heisman Trophy candidate after that performance.

Best Running QB: Taylor Martinez, Denard Robinson, or Cam Newton?

After years of the spread offense and gun-slinging quarterbacks, it feels like we’ve gone back in time to the days of the option quarterback leading the team in rushing. From Denard Robinson at Michigan to Taylor Martinez at Nebraska and Cameron Newton at Auburn, the proliferation of big-time running quarterbacks has been incredible this year.

Thanks to a 241-yard rushing performance against Kansas State, Taylor Martinez is now second to Denard Robinson in rushing yardage this year. That’s two quarterbacks leading the country in rushing (though Martinez will probably be passed by LaMichael James after the weekend).

Martinez is a true freshman quarterback from Corona, California and has run for at least 100 yards in four of five games this year. While he’s only thrown three touchdowns, Martinez has lit it up with 12 TDs on the ground. Taylor routinely fakes out cameramen and defenders with his unbelievable handoffs and he uses his blazing speed to bust through holes.

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