Knee to the Groin Reveals Cancer, Saves Taylor Statham’s Life

When 18-year-old Taylor Statham took a knee to the groin during a prep school basketball game last October, it felt like any other shot to the stones: It hurt.  Statham rolled around on the court floor in pain when the incident occurred and the swelling in his groin lingered for a few weeks.  Thank goodness for that.

When we feature nut-shot stories here on LBS, the context is usually light-hearted and joking like the Novak Djokovic prank, Chandler Parsons taking one from a teammate, or Brett Favre experiencing an incident during practice.  This particular knee to the groin, however, is hardly a laughing matter.  In fact, it saved Statham’s life.

As The Dagger shared with us on Wednesday, Statham decided to visit his doctor after he took a blow to the groin from teammate Dushon Carter during practice last year.  The 6-foot-6 center was attempting to incorporate taking charges into his game to make himself more appealing to Division I programs.  Upon visiting the doctor, it was revealed that Statham had an aggressive form of malignant testicular cancer.  Had he been examined a few months later, the doctor told Taylor it may have been too late to beat the cancer.

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