Terrence Jones arrested for allegedly stomping on homeless man’s leg

Terrence-Jones-RocketsHouston Rockets forward Terrence Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning after he allegedly attacked a homeless man. He was reportedly charged with harassment.

According to KATU News in Portland, Ore., a police sergeant saw Jones walk out of a bar with his friends and by a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping. Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said Jones yelled “wake up” at the men before stomping on one of their legs. The victim was later identified as 46-year-old Daniel John Kellerher. He reportedly did not require medical attention.

It is unclear at this point why the former Kentucky star would have attacked a homeless man who was allegedly minding his own business, but I’m sure we’ll hear something from his lawyer about it eventually. Unless there’s more to the story, it sounds like as senseless an arrest as we have seen from a professional athlete.

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Terrence Jones bought his mother a new Cadillac SUV for Mother’s Day (Picture)

Attention moms: If your children are determined to play a sport when they are young, let it happen. One minute you’re driving your son or daughter here and there for AAU games, and the next you’re standing in the driveway beside your very own brand new Cadillac SRX Crossover. At least that’s how it works for Terrence Jones’ family.

On Mother’s Day Sunday, Jones had a brand new SUV waiting for his mom in Portland when she returned home. He initially tweeted a picture of the car you see above standing alone with a tweet that read: “My moms mothers day gift back in Portland she is on the plane headed to a big surprise!!”

He’s lucky none of his nearly 100,000 followers spoiled the surprise. Jones later tweeted the photo you see above of his mother and her new toy. With gestures like his Mother’s Day present and this surprise he had for a Louisville cheerleader a few weeks ago, T.J. is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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Terrence Jones keeps flowers promise to Louisville cheerleader (Video)

When Terrence Jones barreled into a Louisville cheerleader during the Final Four a few weeks ago, he left her teary-eyed and with a cut on her head that required stitches. At the time, he didn’t realize she had been hurt that badly. When reporters informed Jones after the game of what had happened, he apologized and offered to bring the young lady flowers. The gesture was not an empty one.

As WHAS 11 in Kentucky reported, Jones kept his promise to Jerica Logue and showed up with a bouquet of flowers for her on Monday night at Louisville Cheer and Dance.

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Terrence Jones signs a pregnant woman’s stomach (Picture)

You know how Terrence Jones knows he has finally made it? Not because he is projected to go in the top 15 picks of the 2012 NBA Draft. Not because he just helped Kentucky dominate the entire NCAA field to win a championship and go down as one of the greatest college teams ever. Those things certainly help, but Jones knew he officially had arrived when a pregnant woman asked him to sign her stomach over the weekend.

Considering we have heard about Kentucky fans who offer their wives in exchange for tickets and others who shave unibrows into their chests, the photo above that Jones shared on his Instagram isn’t exactly a shocker. Still, this has to be one of the most sincere forms of flattery. Signing someone’s boob is one thing, but the pregnant belly brings it to an entirely new level. This woman’s child could someday feel a personal connection with Jones, and as you can see that’s just fine with her.

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Terrence Jones apologizes for running cheerleader over, offers her flowers (Video)

Along every path to the Final Four there are bound to be a few casualties. On Saturday night, a Louisville cheerleader suffered more than just the heartbreak of her team failing to advance to the championship game. During Kentucky’s 69-61 win over the Cardinals, Jerica Logue was run over by Terrence Jones, who was attempting to chase down a wild pass from Anthony Davis. It was about as brutal a collision as you can have between a player and cheerleader, and it left Logue bloodied and shaken. She needed stitches on the top of her head.

At the time, Jones didn’t know he had injured Logue. After the game, he was all apologies.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” Jones said according to The Dagger. “I’ll drive down there and tell her myself with some flowers or something.”

Logue returned after being stitched up and finished cheering. Louisville could have used her toughness on the court.