Terrence Samuel got to slap Kevin Ollie back (Video)

Terrence-Samuel-slaps-Kevin-OllieUConn head coach Kevin Ollie delivered a hilarious slap to the face of freshman guard Terrence Samuel after the Huskies defeated Iowa State to advance to the Elite 8 on Friday. Samuel and some other players had been goofing around behind Ollie during his interview, so he reacted accordingly. The slap went viral almost immediately.

On Sunday, UConn knocked off Michigan State to punch its ticket to the Final Four. Ollie gave Samuel a chance to get him back.

“Terrence has gotta slap me to make sure I’m not dreaming,” Ollie joked during his interview.

Samuel then gave Ollie a love tap on the hat. If you ask me, he let his coach off easy. I would have taken that opportunity to smack him right across the face. With his team on its way to the Final Four, Ollie probably would have enjoyed every second of it.

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Kevin Ollie slaps Terrence Samuel after interview (Video)

Kevin Ollie slapReady for what might be a controversy over nothing?

UConn head coach Kevin Ollie conducted an interview with Allie LaForce following his team’s 81-76 win over Iowa State in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament on Friday night. Many of Ollie’s players were screwing around in the background of the interview, and he probably could see some of what they were doing.

When he finished the interview, he gave freshman Terrence Samuel a little slap to the face as he walked away. That led to a bunch of “oooh” noises from the other players, because they knew it was a matter of the coach telling them to stop screwing around.

Now who’s going to be the first person to call for Ollie to lose his job for getting physical with a player?

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