Thiago Silva high on cocaine, carrying gun in videos released by wife

Thiago Silva’s estranged wife, Thaysa, released two videos this week that show her ex-husband’s potentially dangerous behavior.

Thiago Silva is an MMA fighter who was charged with two counts of aggravated assault in February for allegedly threatening his wife and her boyfriend with a gun. Silva was arrested after barricading himself inside his Florida home (mugshot below). He was also initially charged with attempted murder, but those charges were quickly dropped by the judge. The other charges were eventually dropped because Thaysa became uncooperative with authorities and moved out of the country, leading UFC boss Dana White to reinstate the fighter (UPDATE: Shortly after this story was published, the UFC dropped Silva).

Thiago Silva mugshot

Thaysa gave an interview to Globo this week from Abu Dhabi, where she moved with her boyfriend to start a new life away from her abusive and dangerous ex-husband.

Along with the interview, Thaysa released the videos which show Thiago carrying a gun and apparently high on cocaine. Thaysa says she was filming him in case he killed her.

Below is the second video along with a transcription of their conversation:

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Thiago Silva gets yet another yellow card (Video)

Thiago-Silva-Robben-foulThiago Silva picked up his third yellow card of the World Cup on Saturday when Brazil faced The Netherlands in the third place game. Silva’s penalty came just two minutes into the match, and he’s very fortunate he wasn’t sent off with a red card.

Netherlands star Arjen Robben had a clear path to goal after receiving a beautiful through ball from Robin Van Persie. Rather than letting Robben walk it in, Silva dragged him down by the shoulder. The Netherlands was awarded a penalty kick and Van Persie converted it to give his team an early 1-0 lead.

Silva, who missed Brazil’s blowout loss to Germany after picking up his second yellow card, probably should have exited the World Cup having played just over a minute total in the last two games. The Brazilian captain’s untimely penalties really hurt his team in the tournament.

Thiago Silva gets yellow card for running into goalie (Video)

Thiago-Silva-yellow-cardBrazil defender Thiago Silva got his second yellow card of the World Cup on Friday. The booking came on a boneheaded play in the second half after Silva ran into Columbian goalkeeper David Ospina when Ospina was punting the ball downfield.

Brazil defeated Columbia to advance to the next round, meaning Silva will be suspended for the team’s all-important semifinal match. The 29-year-old Silva is the captain of the Brazilian team and one of their best defenders. He also scored the first goal against Columbia on a corner kick.

Brazil will need someone to step up against Germany in Silva’s absence. Germany has proven to be a solid offensive team who can move the ball very effectively.

Thiago Silva scores goal on corner kick vs. Colombia (Video)

Brazilian captain Thiago Silva gave his country a 1-0 lead in their quarterfinals match against Colombia Friday with a goal off a corner kick. Silva struck early, scoring in the seventh minute.

Thiago Silva Brazil goal

It was the first time Silva scored for Brazil while playing in his country. The goal also put Colombia at a deficit for the first time in the entire World Cup.

Thiago Silva’s wife says he has a cocaine problem

thiago-silvaThiago Silva currently remains in a Florida jail without bond after he was arrested for going ballistic and allegedly pulling a gun on his wife last week. A judge ruled that Silva’s history of domestic violence and his MMA training make him a danger to his wife and others. According to Silva’s wife Thaysa, most of his erratic behavior is fueled by his cocaine problem.

“The problem was cocaine. He always thinks he’s above the law,” Thaysa told a Brazilian media outlet, via TMZ Sports. “He had the cocaine paranoia.”

Silva’s attorney told TMZ that the claims are “not justified” and said no cocaine was found anywhere on the scene where Thiago was arrested or in his home.

In addition, Thaysa claims her marriage to Thiago was over back in 2012 but that she was always too afraid to go to the police when he allegedly abused her.

“My marriage was over in December of 2012,” she said. “In our relationship, I had to deal with the imbalance and aggressions. But I never went to talk to the police because I fear the reactions. Even after I was assaulted, I did not speak.”

Silva’s most recent incident reportedly stemmed from his suspicion that Thaysa was having an affair with a well-known martial arts instructor in Florida. Last month, he allegedly pointed a gun at her head for the same reason.

Silva obviously has some serious anger issues, though we don’t know if those stem from drug use or not. Given the way he has acted, I personally would not be surprised.

Thiago Silva arrested after allegedly pulling gun on wife

thiago-silvaUFC fighter Thiago Silva was arrested on Thursday night after he allegedly went ballistic and accused his wife of having an affair. The light heavyweight reportedly drove to a jiu-jitsu school and threatened people before barricading himself in his home, where the SWAT team was called upon to get him to surrender.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Silva drove to a martial arts school owned by well-known instructor Pablo Popovitch in Broward County, Fla. He allegedly suspected his wife was having an affair with Popovitch, so he drove her to the training center and demanded that she bring Popovitch outside.

Silva allegedly pulled a gun on his wife and pointed it at her, telling her, “You have ten seconds to bring Pablo outside and if he does not come out, I will go in the gym and start shooting everyone.”Popovitch reportedly came running out of his gym to protect Silva’s wife, at which point Silva is said to have threatened both his wife and Popovitch.

Pablo then ran inside to call 911, which is when Silva retreated to his home. The incident began at around 8 p.m., and Silva finally surrendered to SWAT team members at around 11:15 p.m. TMZ attained a video of Silva in the back of a police car briefly speaking to a reporter.

“She wants my house, she wants my money.” he said. “Just don’t report this. Can you do that for me?”

When he arrived at the police station, Silva flipped reporters off as officers were booking him.

Silva was arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and resisting arrest. A judge later threw out the attempted murder charge since Silva did not fire the weapon. The judge said there was probable cause for aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest without violence. He is being held without bond.

The arrest was the latest in what has allegedly been a pattern of domestic violence from Silva against his wife. Police say he accused his wife of cheating on him last month and she claimed he pulled out a revolver and shoved it in her mouth. She later obtained a restraining order against him.

Shortly after the story surfaced, Dana White told TMZ that Silva will “never fight in the UFC again.” He has been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs in the past. White has obviously had enough, whether Silva is found guilty of the charges or not.

Thiago Silva Used Non-Human Urine

Thiago Silva submitted an adulterated and/or substituted urine specimen for his drug test leading up to his UFC 125 fight with Brandon Vera on January 1st, the Nevada State Athletic Commission alleges. We had heard Silva was pulled from a scheduled fight for UFC 130 because of suspicion regarding his drug test, and their allegations support the report.

The NSAC report says the specimen by Silva is inconsistent with human urine. Got that? Inconsistent with human urine.

What did this guy do, pull off the Onterrio Smith special and exchange it for goat piss? Was he up all night looking for doggy chew toys like Tony Mandarich to store urine in so he could beat the drug test?

You know who’s most to blame for this whole fiasco? Clearly it’s Silva’s entourage.

Are you really telling me between his family, friends, and training staff there wasn’t one person willing to step up and offer their sweet and sour lemonade for this guy? Don’t they know that’s their job? What good is an entourage if they can’t at least provide clean urine. And if the entourage couldn’t figure it out, maybe Thiago should have consulted Nick Diaz for advice.

I know Thiago doesn’t have an answer for his problems, but I do have one conclusion: from now on we’ll refer to him as horse piss. I do believe he’s earned the name.