Chiefs’ Jonathan Baldwin Injured in Locker Room Fight with Thomas Jones

This is why we tell children to play nice when they’re growing up. Your moms and dads aren’t just wasting their breath when they tell you someone is going to get hurt.  It happens.  Unfortunately for Chiefs rookie Jonathan Baldwin, a fight with teammate Thomas Jones could cost him the rest of the preseason.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Baldwin and Jones got into it in the locker room and Baldwin is now doubtful for the rest of the preseason with a wrist injury.  We understand these types of things happen — especially in high testosterone areas — but fighting with your own teammates is never a good idea.

You may recall the two-game suspension Steve Smith was handed after breaking a teammate’s nose a couple years ago.  For all we know, Randy Moss’s alleged locker room dust-up with Tom Brady contributed to him being handed a ticket out of New England.  And let’s not forget about Aqib Talib, who has a tendency to rumble that has contributed to his poor reputation around the league.

Hopefully the injury will only hold Baldwin out for preseason play.  If nothing else, the result of the Jones-Baldwin dispute should remind the rest of the league that counting to 10 is probably your best bet when a teammate pisses you off.  Either that or find a way to take it out on the other team.

Thomas Jones Continues to Defy the Odds

A running back’s career ends at 30. Just ask Eddie George, or better yet, find out from Eric Dickerson. But don’t bother telling Thomas Jones that, for his career followed the highly improbable path of flourishing the later he got in his career. In many respects, Thomas Jones’ career path has been the inverse of the typical running back’s development. Somehow at 32-years-old, TJ is still getting it done in the NFL.

It’s hard to believe it, but Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones actually started off his career as a bust with the Arizona Cardinals. Selected 7th overall in the 2000 draft, Jones had three lackluster seasons in Arizona before heading to Tampa Bay for a season. He didn’t do much in his second stop, and it wasn’t until Jones was picked up by the Bears that he flashed the talent and ability which originally made him a first-round pick.

Though TJ was blowing up with the Bears, it was likely his poor showing in Phoenix that had me doubting Jones’ skill. Finally, in 2005, I became a believer after watching Jones tough it out week after week. Thomas would be listed as questionable on the injury report almost every single week, often with foot or ankle injuries, and he’d be listed as a game-time decision. No matter how hobbled he was or how little he practiced, the guy always suited up! And he didn’t just suit up; he would rack up 120 yards and score a touchdown or two.

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Video: Thomas Jones Touchdown Run Against Broncos, Phantom TD

This was one of those great touchdown runs where the guy is supposedly down, but he never actually touched the turf. Thomas Jones alertly ran for freedom against the Broncos after everybody had stopped moving, thinking the play was over. They were wrong and fantasy owners were there to capitalize. Check out this crazy TD run in case you missed it:

That makes you wonder if the coach chews his players out for botching the tackle. Can you really get mad at them for not bringing the player down? I guess you need to remind them never to stop until the whistle blows, but then again we have the same problem with personal fouls to deal with.