Tim Floyd and Andy Enfield got into it in Bahamas

Andy Enfield Tim Floyd

Tim Floyd and Andy Enfield got into a heated confrontation at a reception at Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas on Wednesday that also involved their assistant coaches, according to a report.

Sports Illustrated college basketball writer/reporter Seth Davis was at the reception and reported what happened. Keep in mind that Enfield is the current coach at USC, while Floyd is the coach at UTEP. Floyd used to coach at USC before being let go as part of the OJ Mayo fallout, but he was a candidate for the job that went to Enfield this offseason.

Over the summer, Floyd accused USC of tampering with one of his recruits — Isaac Hamilton — who had signed with UTEP but backed out and eventually enrolled at UCLA. Enfield insulted Floyd in a meeting with boosters, and the insult was recently publicized in a Men’s Journal article.

That all set the stage for what happened Wednesday. Here’s Davis’ tweets to describe the event:

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Andy Enfield jabs Steve Alford, Tim Floyd

Andy EnfieldAndy Enfield took some nice jabs at Steve Alford and Tim Floyd while speaking in front of USC Trojans boosters, according to some quotes shared in a Men’s Journal feature about the new USC coach.

Enfield is in his first year as head coach of the Trojans and is trying to build up the basketball program at a football school. The same way UCLA has to compete with USC’s tradition in football, Enfield has to compete with the Bruins’ tradition in basketball. But with Alford as the new head coach at UCLA, Enfield isn’t worried.

“I don’t worry about [UCLA],” Enfield told a group of USC boosters, per Men’s Journal. “I’ve made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he’s made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years.”

That’s quite the zinger. It’s true, too. Alford’s only Sweet Sixteen appearance came when he was head coach at Southwest Missouri State, not even Iowa or New Mexico. Enfield reached the Sweet Sixteen at Florida Gulf Coast, which raised his profile and made him a candidate for many jobs.

Enfield got the USC job over several other candidates, including Floyd, who was the Trojans’ basketball coach until resigning in 2009. Floyd got in trouble for his star player OJ Mayo taking extra benefits, but he was considered for the Trojans’ vacancy.

Enfield zinged Floyd for being at UTEP now and for claiming that Enfield interfered with one of his recruits.

“Tim Floyd shows up every day at work and realizes he lives in El Paso, Texas,” said Enfield. “And he’s pissed off that he didn’t get the USC job two months ago. I told him, ‘Tim, if I could have all this power to somehow convince a family to do this, why the heck didn’t the kid come last spring, when I first got the job?'”

I liked this Enfield hire when it happened and like it even more now. USC is 4-1 under him but it’s too early to say how this will work out. I just know I love his attitude. Trojans fans just want him to back up all his talk.

Tim Floyd: Talented O.J. Mayo Was Not Bought for $1,000

After laying low for several months since being fired by USC and seeing the Trojans self-impose sanctions on the basketball program, Tim Floyd re-emerged on the college scene by accepting the head coaching gig at UTEP. Though he’s declined to comment on the O.J. Mayo case, he did offer up a few nuggets that have me scratching my head. Here’s what Floyd apparently told Maryland coach Gary Williams on SIRIUS Mad Dog Radio when asked if he’d recruit Mayo again:

“Yes, absolutely. Because O.J. is a very good person and a very good player. There is an underground economy in the sport. And I’m not saying anything about the case. Nothing about the case. But if anybody thinks that O.J. Mayo, with his talents, was bought for $1,000, you’re out of your damn mind. That’s absolutely preposterous.”

OK, so Floyd shared something that we all know — there’s an underground economy where AAU coaches, high school coaches, runners, and players are getting paid off by agents and boosters to have players directed to certain schools and “advisers.” That’s nothing new. What I don’t understand is his contention that O.J. Mayo was not bought for $1,000 (the amount he’s been accused of paying a Mayo associate). What is he implying, that a player of Mayo’s talents costs much more? Does $1,000 only buy Marcus Simmons? Does an O.J. Mayo will run you six figures? Seven? Come on, Tim, you’re not making any sense here!

Tim Floyd: ‘I’m going to come out on the good end of this’ [USA Today]

Who Will Last Longer: Lavin or Floyd?

Tuesday was an interesting day for Southern California sports fans. Former UCLA coach Steve Lavin had his prayers answered and he was hired to become the new head coach at St. John’s. Former USC coach Tim Floyd was plucked from the New Orleans Hornets staff to serve as UTEP’s head coach, replacing Tony Barbee who left for Auburn. So the obvious question is … who lasts longer at their job? Though the answer may seem obvious based on coaching merit, the question is trickier than you think. Let’s examine some of the factors at play:

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I Guess Tim Floyd Was Pretty ‘Hands On’ with O.J. Mayo

Between the investigation of all the Reggie Bush stuff with the crooked Michael Michaels and the leaked O.J. Mayo information, it’s no wonder that USC decided not to bring Renardo Sidney aboard. Why would they want another problem on top of current problems being investigated? Well with rumors swirling that the NCAA was going to hand down penalties on the SC programs, information got picked up by Yahoo! that basketball coach Tim Floyd was involved in some pretty shady stuff when he recruited O.J. Mayo. As Yahoo! tells it:

[Louis] Johnson, a one-time Mayo confidant, has told both NCAA investigators and federal authorities – including the FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney’s Office – that [Tim] Floyd gave at least $1,000 in cash to Rodney Guillory, a man who allegedly lavished Mayo with improper benefits while the guard starred for the Trojans.

Johnson also said Mayo received approximately $30,000 in extra benefits from Guillory while playing for the Trojans. He first made those allegations to ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” in May 2008, producing a litany of receipts to back up his claims, including purchases of food, clothing and a 42-inch flat screen TV for Mayo.

When the ESPN report came out my first reaction was to say that Mayo made the error of having the wrong people around him — ones that would rat him out. Never did I realize that Floyd would be dumb enough to make this big of a mistake. Moreover, the story that Mayo “picked” USC on his own and that Floyd just fell into O.J. seems now like a semi-truth; it was much easier for Mayo to tell USC that he wanted to go there so long as they met his monetary needs.

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I Guess Tim Floyd Is Arizona’s Band-Aid

UPDATE: We can thank ESPN for posting the story up on Wed night that Floyd was gone to Arizona, no questions asked. Instead, Floyd decided to remain at USC so this wasn’t even an issue. I’m guessing I was right about Arizona treating him like a band-aid otherwise he would have signed had they rolled out a sweet deal.

I’m having a really tough time digesting the news that Tim Floyd will be the next basketball coach at Arizona. I’m not surprised that Rick Pitino turned them down — I don’t think Arizona’s overwhelming enough to make him leave the good thing he has going at Louisville. I’m not surprised Mark Few turned them down since he seems to turn down every job offer that comes his way. And I thought they were settling on Jeff Capel. And then bam! next thing you know Tim Floyd is the new coach. After mulling over the news for quite some time, I think I finally figured out what’s going on (congrats if it took you two seconds to figure it out, I’m not too sharp) — Floyd’s just a band-aid.

Though Floyd has recruited his share of talented players to USC in the past few seasons, the Trojans haven’t done anything too remarkable since he’s been there. Yes, they’ve had three 20+ win seasons and made it to the tourney three years in a row, but they haven’t been past the Sweet 16, and their record in conference play hasn’t been overwhelming. He has strengthened the program, but not to the point where I would think Arizona would be interested. The Wildcats are striving for 1st or 2nd in the Pac-10 each year, Sweet 16 appearances, and 25+ win seasons. It never struck me that Floyd’s that guy since he’s never done anything better than what I just outlined.

The only logical conclusion to which I can arrive is that Floyd will be a quick-fix for a program destined to go in the crapper otherwise. Arizona’s likely losing Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, and Nic Wise to the NBA, and they already lost their recruiting class when Lute Olson stepped down. Maybe they’re hoping Floyd can bring his recruits with him from USC to Arizona, get some addition by subtraction going, stay respectable in the Pac-10 for two seasons, and then go out and get the real, long-term guy they’re looking for. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.