Gavin Floyd Helps College Student Tim Smith Buy New Pair of Prosthetic Legs

Tim Smith is a senior at Trinity College who was born without legs.  Despite being born with a disability, Smith’s determination and perseverance have allowed him to lead a relatively normal life.  And by normal we mean above and beyond what the average person accomplishes; Tim has tackled the Andes Mountains twice among other seemingly impossible challenges.

Until Gavin Floyd and his wife Leann came along, Smith was slowed down a bit.  He was in need of new prosthetic legs because his old ones having been held together by duct tape and oil.  Despite being able to raise $10,000 toward the purchase of new legs, Tim found himself a whopping $21,000 short of the $31,000 he needed to buy a new pair — a purchase he would have to make without the help of insurance.

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